Hello. Aloha. Hi.


I’m Louise, I’m 22 and I enjoy writing about life.


I have always enjoyed writing. If you ask me why, I have no idea. To me, writing is not an obligation but a hobby that I do out of choice. I don’t particularly care if I have many followers. I just enjoy the satisfaction of putting words together to make something, whether it’s something serious or absolute nonsense. And if someone happens to read it and can relate to what I’m baffling on about, even better! Before, I wrote a blog which I was not committed to and never reflected who I am. I feel that I have completely outgrown it, but I miss writing so I thought I would get back into it and start fresh.

I was always cautious of writing posts sharing my opinion on certain topics. Why? Because I care too much about what people think of me. So so ridiculous. I’m going to try and conquer my fear of people by writing about things I care about and enjoy, and by sharing it with anyone who is daft enough to follow.

So, where to start? I have just graduated from university with a BSc (Hons) in Management. That means proper adult life has begun. I’ve lived away from home for 4 years since I began my studies and been independent but student life is nowhere near as tough as proper adult life (when I say I’m now a proper adult, I mean I pay income tax and council tax.) After lots of trial and error, I managed to get myself a full-time job which I am absolutely loving! It was very difficult to get to this stage though (I will probably write a post on the struggles of being a recent graduate.)

I have the most amazing family and friends who I don’t get to see half as much as I would like to but they’re honestly the best. I’m in a new relationship with the biggest gem of a boy ever! That doesn’t make sense does it? Oh well, you know what I mean, he’s pretty great.

I absolutely LOVE reading. Fiction is my escape. I will probably recommend books and give the odd review on here because some books are way too good to keep to yourself!

I don’t really know what else to say. Whenever I am asked what my hobbies are I don’t have much to say (which isn’t like me at all.)  I like reading, cooking, walking and seeing new places but doesn’t everybody?

So, there’s a wee introduction about me. Now to get proper writing.


Much love,



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