August favourites

I’m starting of my first post on my new blog with a light-hearted August favourites. Some of the pieces I’ve been working on are a lot more serious and I didn’t want to start on a low note.

Also, I have never ever reviewed products before, only books and artists so please bear this in mind when reading along!

August marks the end of summer (not that we get much of a summer in Scotland), so as Autumn is coming upon us, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite purchases from the past month. In case you don’t pick up the hint through the post, I have very OILY skin. Most of the products I’ve bought this month has been to try and sort out that daily shine (more like a dew across my forehead.)


Lush / Don’t Look At Me / Fresh Face Mask / £6.95



I’ve always been unsure on how my skin would react to a Lush face mask as I usually get blotchy from using normal/everyday face masks. I have oily/combination skin, especially on my face which is an absolute nightmare! I’ve been using this for a good few weeks now and I won’t be looking back! This mask smells INCREDIBLE. It smells just like summer! The lemon and grapefruit juices in the product make it smell so fresh. And the colour? It is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of the colour of the sea when you’re abroad!

I use this product once a week, usually on a Sunday evening when I’m relaxing and getting ready for the week ahead. It has ground rice in it which helps exfoliate the skin. This is perfect for my skin as it scrubs off the dirt and oil.  The lemon juice helps to tone and brighten your complexion. The mask contains murumuru butter and organic silken tofu which really softens your skin leaving it so so smooth! (who knew face masks could have tofu in them?!) I keep this in the fridge as recommended by the Lush staff due to all the fresh ingredients it contains.

The mask is just like any other face mask, you put it on your face and leave it for 10-15 minutes then wash it off with water and a cloth! I really enjoy this face mask as it smells amazing, leaves my skin so so soft and doesn’t get itchy when it’s on (I usually find most face masks itch when they start to dry on my skin.)



Lush / Cup O’ Coffee / Exfoliating Mask / £6.75


I purchased this face mask at the same time as Don’t Look at Me to try and help control my oily skin. I wanted something that I could use everyday in the shower that would help control the shine on my face, especially my forehead. I’ve tried all the high street face scrubs and it doesn’t matter how many weeks I test them out for, none of them work for my skin! BUT.. I think I have finally found THE ONE. I didn’t have much hope as I have never found one that works but from the first time I used it, Cup O’ Coffee has made a difference to my skin! Again, this mask has ground rice in it which helps scrub my face, leaving it fresh and clean. I use this mask as a daily scrub which I apply in the shower before I condition my hair and just leave it on for a few minutes until I’m rinsing my hair. The best thing about this mask is that it smells like freshly brewed coffee. It’s honestly AMAZING.



Garnier/ Skin Naturals Moisture Matte Shine Be Gone /Fresh Cream /£3.99


Just like my numerous attempts of finding a face scrub that actually makes a difference to my face, I have not been able to find a moisturiser that doesn’t leave my skin shiney and greasy. It seems all moisturisers are for dry skin! I know that is the purpose of a face cream, to put moisture into your skin, but all skin types need cared for! Garnier Moisture Matte smells fresh and is not as thick as most other moisturisers which helps with my horrible oily skin. I’ve not been using it long enough to notice how much impact its making on my skin, but my skin does seem to be less greasy when I wake in the morning after using the cream the evening before. It also leaves my face feeling refreshed.


Blah blah blah, oily skin, I know, change the record Louise, but finding a foundation for my skin is honestly, almost impossible. I like to use liquid foundations because it gives my skin better coverage and I feel better about my face. Which is always good. However, finding a liquid foundation for oily skin is not easy at all. I honestly feel like I have tried and tested most foundations out there (feel free to recommend any that might work for my god awful skin.) I do usually wear a little powder over my foundation (MAC Pro Longwear Pressed Powder) which helps lessen the shine on my face, but I feel more comfortable wearing both, so just powder isn’t an option for me. These are two foundations I definitely recommend, even if you don’t have combination skin!



Maybelline / FIT Me / Foundation / £5.99

This foundation is my most recent purchase and from the first day I wore it, I have absolutely loved it! It was recommended to me by a friend and I honestly love it! It’s great for an everyday foundation which provides good coverage and actually lasts all day! And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t make me look like I have a massive sweaty forehead (which most foundations do.)


Rimmel / Stay Matte / Foundation / £5.99

I had been using this foundation until I came across the Maybelline FIT one. This is a more creamy foundation however, when it’s on it does feel much lighter than what it looks like when you’re applying it. When I first used it, I thought it would go on too thick as it does have a thick creamy consistency, but that wasn’t the case. I now use this foundation for a night out or if I’m going a bit heavier on my make up, as it has amazing coverage and does control that shine I get.


When it comes to lip products, I always forget. I am just awful. I will apply something in the morning but then completely forget all day. I wanted some more everyday lipsticks/glosses that would complete my look every day and add a little something to my face. I wanted to get some nudey colours so that I could wear them with anything.


MUA/ Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer / Tranquillity / £3.00

8989553360926  14233755_10157459135995512_731095265_o


MUA products always surprise me. They are so cheap but are always so good! This is more of a gloss, than a lipstick but it is a matte texture so really does last quite a while! I love this product so much because it goes with anything you’re wearing and the matte texture makes the colour more bold. This lip ‘lacquer’ is available in lots of colours, and this one, Tranquillity, really reminds me of MAC’s Velvet Teddy.


Maybelline / Lip GlossVivid Matte /  50 Nude Thrill / £6.99


This is a more liquidy gloss to apply. It goes on so smoothly and then dries instantly, creating the matte effect. The colour really appeals to me as it is not too bright, however, does make your lips stand out. I found this gloss makes my lips look bigger and more full which is an advantage to me as my top lip is incredibly thin! Also, Maybelline have done really well here as this product smells SO GOOD.


So there are my favourites of this month. It all seems to be beauty products but my make up bag was needing a little top up!


Much love,




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