Weekend in the Wilderness

I cannot believe I am just back from my first weekend away with a boy. I feel as if I’m about 16. Kind of makes me think that all these ex boyfriends are exes for a reason considering I had never been on a night away with any of them.

Anyways, Michael and I decided that we wanted to go away for a weekend together as even when we are both off at the weekend, we never feel we can properly relax. One of us always has something on that means our time together is always limited.

We didn’t want to spend too much money and were not particularly fussed on where we wanted to go (as long as the drive for him wasn’t too long, hah!). We scrolled through Air Bnb for what seemed like hours, and finally found a little chalet in Glenlivet, a glen in the Scottish Highlands. The chalet was listed as a ‘couples retreat’ so we decided that’s exactly what we needed.

Well, it was just absolutely perfect. If anybody is looking to go for a trip in the Highlands, I recommend Glenlivet as it is absolutely incredible!


There is absolutely NO mobile signal which is what we really needed to relax this weekend! It was amazing that for a change, we weren’t being interrupted by Michael’s phone ringing for work. Life of a doctor, huh.

We arrived on Friday evening and went to the closest village, Tomintoul, for a meal. We went to a restaurant called The Clockhouse. It was absolutely perfect and the food was incredible.


On Saturday we went for a hill walk which was absolutely lovely. It had been so windy and rainy the night before that we thought we may not have been able to go outside. But, it dried up for us heading out which was even better! We chose the 10Km walk called The Bochel Circuit. We were told that it would take approximately 4 hours to complete by using the sign posts as there were no maps available for walking this area. 5 and a half hours later we finished the walk. We got lost not once, but twice. In a cow field. It was FABULOUS. Hah. I was absolutely petrified that we were going to be chased by cows.
14488887_10157559471965512_1738974844_o 14466364_10157559471915512_1440435853_o

Despite getting lost, the walk was great and it felt so good to be outside for the whole day. I was in my element!

We spent that evening in the little chalet we had rented as we were far too tired to do anything that involved moving. I made us a curry and we managed to get through two bottles of wine whilst chatting and watching The X Factor.

It was the most perfect day ever.

On Sunday, we checked out at 11am and made our way to Glenlivet Distillery. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to a guided tour and learning how whiskey is made but I was pleasantly surprised. I had so much fun and it was so interesting. Although, I did not enjoy the wee dram we were given at the end. Whiskey is yuck.

14522522_10157559471855512_1428165309_o 14489627_10157559471870512_1143909339_o

We decided to get on the road home after this as we were both still exhausted from Saturday’s adventure. We stopped at a few castles on the way home and decided that together, we want to try and visit as many castles as we can (I just love them, I don’t know why.)

14466981_10157559471875512_1711212688_o  14489803_10157559471840512_2050279282_o

I had an absolutely perfect weekend away with my love and I can’t wait for the next one!

Does anyone have any suggestions on where we can go next?


Much love,


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