September Favourites

It’s finally AUTUMN! YAY to red lips, wooly scarves and cosy nights in. I’ve been SO SO busy this month on weekends away visiting friends and have hardly had any time for shopping which upsets me. I can’t wait until this weekend to finally get into town! Although, I have still managed to fit in some shopping for essentials. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite purchases from the past month. Excuse my shittttty photography skills.

Soap and Glory / Thick n Fast / Mascara / £10.50

When it comes to mascara I am so so fussy and a bit of a snob. I am obsessed with my eyelashes, they are my babies. They have to be long, dark and thick. I don’t get extensions or anything, I just rely on mascara which is really such a godsend. I got this mascara in a Soap and Glory gift set from my best gal Karina for Christmas last year however, I had never even opened it until this month. Well, that was very silly of me. This mascara changes lives. I swear to god it is incredible. I’m always so sceptical about new mascaras but I was running out of my every day one so I thought I’d give this one a chance. Honestly, it lengthens your lashes so much and is a jet black colour which makes your lashes look so much thicker. I use an old mascara brush to separate my lashes after I’ve applied this mascara as occasionally it can clump them together (which can be a little annoying.) Once I’ve separated them I’m good to go! I’d definitely recommend this mascara to anyone!


Lush /American Cream / Conditioner / £9.95

OHMYLORD. I am in love. My flatmate surprised me with this one weekend because he’s adorable and remembered that I had been going on about wanting to try out a Lush conditioner for ages. I’m honestly not too fussy when it comes to hair products but it has to smell good. However, my scalp doesn’t like a lot of shampoos and conditioners. It’s my own fault though, because I have the most horrible habit and when I’m anxious I pick and scratch my scalp. Disgusting, I know. Anyways, doing this makes my head really stingy and within two weeks I need to use a new product. American Cream makes my hair so so soft! I love it. I actually feel like my hair is in a better condition since using it! It smells like strawberry and vanilla milkshake *so YUMMEH.*

MAC /Studio Finish SPF / Concealer / £16

I’m one of these people who have still not found the perfect concealer. So every time I run out, I buy a different make. I really struggle with dark circles under my eyes and my bags are so so hellish, even when I have a good nights sleep. I thought I would give MAC a go as I have never used one of their concealers. This concealer is actually really good and I would definitely recommend it to people who like me, have the most unfortunate eye bags. It’s a slightly creamy texture but still quite solid so it doesn’t leave creases when it’s been applied which is an absolute godsend. Creases are just the worst. I would definitely buy this concealer again, although in a lighter shade than I purchased it in.


Technic / Get Gorgeous / Highlighter / £1.50

SOOOO Cheap. I have never used a highlighter before so I wanted to start simple and pick up a cheap one just in case it didn’t suit me. But, I love it. I am converted. I didn’t expect much from this because it was so so cheap but it is actually really good and lasts most of the day! I now know that I love highlighter so might splash out and buy myself one that might last a bit longer!


Nivea / Visage 2 in 1 / Cleanser&Toner / £3.59

I really needed a good cleanser to fit into my daily routine. I usually don’t really like Nivea products as the moisturisers often make my skin come out in rashes. But I thought I would give this a try. It’s actually so so refreshing. I absolutely love it! It makes my face feel super clean which I have been longing for a good while! It hasn’t irritated my face whatsoever and I’ve been using it now for three weeks so I think I have been successful! YAY.


Lets hope my October favourites is going to be a lot more exciting! Does anyone have a good highlighter they would recommend?


Much love,


2 thoughts on “September Favourites

  1. Great post!! I now need to try that mascara! I just have sooo many things to use first. I would like to try American Cream but my hair is really oily and it is just impossible to find something that does not make me look like if I bathe in oil. Do you know if that concealer would work with oily skin? I use Kryolan´s salmon , I love it!


  2. Oooh I need to try that mascara out! As for highlighters, I haven’t tried any higher end ones our yet but you should give the Seventeen shimmer brick a go! I like to swirl my brush on the lightest shades for highlight and use my finger to apply the darkest shades as an eyeshadow! Handy on the go multitasker. Makeup revolution highlights are great for the price too!

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