Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

Christmas is most people’s favourite time of the year, right? I absolutely LOVE Christmas time. There’s honestly nothing better than spending lots of time with family and friends, over indulging in food and drink and being cosy!

I’ve always read Blogmas posts and I have loved them so much! So I’ve decided this year that I’m going to take part. I was having a read through some blogs one evening and came across a post that mentioned #apovgiftswap. I ALWAYS want to interact with new bloggers and take part in events within the community so I kept reading.

A Piece of Viola has created an event where bloggers interact and do a gift swap. It lets you interact with other and their blogs, and build relationships within the community. And it’s Christmas gifts. I AM SO EXCITED.


The gift swap is only open to UK bloggers, however, it doesn’t matter how big or small your blog is or what kind of blog you have, everyone can get involved!

I would encourage everybody to get involved as it is such a good way of getting to know new bloggers and will definitely get you feeling all fesitive-y! There’s a couple of things you need to do before the swap, find out all the details on Viola’s blog

If you’re interested you should sign up soon! The deadlines for the event include:

  • November 1st: Deadline for completing the submission form.
  • November 6th (or earlier!): Find out your blogger pair, yay!
  • By December 17th: Send off gifts to your blogger pair


That means you have just over a month to get to know your partner and send them their gift!


I’m so excited!


Much love,


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