Kiko Milano Haul

It’s the time of year when everyone is transforming their make up from a summer to autumn look. I’m kinda caught in the middle here because I really don’t suit a dark berry lip at all. So, I decided I was going to go lipstick shopping online one evening and that turned into a mini Kiko haul. And none of the lip products I bought were the autumnal shades I was meant to be shopping for, good job Louise. I thought I’d review the products I bought so here goes.

Also, please excuse my horrendous eye bags in the photo below, (It also looks kinda creepy.) If anyone has any recommendations on concealers that will be good for these designer handbags (they’re that bad) then PLZ PLZ PLZ comment.





Kiko / Unmeasurable Length Fibres Extension Effect / Mascara / £9.90

I’ve mentioned before that I’m SO fussy when it comes to mascara. This was recommended to me by my friend Karina who knows how fussy I am. I didn’t have high expectations for this product as I never do with ANY mascaras that I haven’t tried before. But boy, this is so good! It definitely gives you ‘unmeasurable length.’  There’s nothing I love more than long, thick eyelashes. I was so impressed with how long my lashes got using this however, I did have to use a good few coats. I never use just one mascara so I paired it with Soap and Glory’s Thick and Fast which together, did the most perfect job! I absolutely love it! The brush is such a good shape for lengthening your lashes and making sure they are even and not clumpy at all!

(In this photo, I used the Kiko mascara only to show you what it looks like on its own.)


Okay, so the reason I was shopping was for lip products. And look, none of the shades are autumnal. But I absolutely love lipstick so I still couldn’t resist! The samples are in order of the products reviewed.




Kiko / Smart Lipstick / Lipstick / £3.90

I know we are in Autumn but I really loved this colour so I thought I’d go for it anyway. I got it in the shade 902 Pastel Pink. The lipstick applies really well and you don’t need much for the colour to really come through! It doesn’t last as long on your lips as I’d like but it does last a lot longer than the gloss which is mentioned later. I got the lip liner that’s a similar shade and they are fab together. It actually looks like I have a top lip! And, it is such a good price! Under £4, I mean, I don’t mind reapplying a good few times for a lipstick that cost me so little in a shade that I absolutely love! ALSO, so strange I know, but I have this weird thing that lipsticks have to smell really good. It’s so strange, but yeah. This smells INCREDIBLE.


Kiko / Smart Lip Pencil / Lip liner /£2.50

Okay, I’ve actually never really used lip liner much before but I have now been converted! I have a really thin top lip which is honestly the most frustrating thing when applying lip sticks. I got the lip liner in the shade 701 Pearly Pink Peony to compliment the lipstick  I got. It applies very easily and has made my lips stand out so much compared to usual. *Cue lip pencil shopping spree.*


Kiko / Urban Sheen / Lip gloss / £4.90

I went for this in shade 03 Glamour Magnolia. I was a little disappointed when it arrived as it wasn’t as dark as I imagined. Normally this wouldn’t bother me too much but I’m trying to grow my darker lipstick collection. Despite my disappointment with the colour, this product is good. It says it’s a gloss but it is definitely a lip crayon which makes it so much more easy to apply! Especially as my top lip is pretty much non-existent, a lip product that is easy to apply becomes my best friend. It is definitely not a glossy texture either, which kinda makes it even better! I’d say the main downfall with this product is that it doesn’t last long. You have to reapply every hour at least which can be quite frustrating. But definitely a great product for £4.90!


So yeah, although none of these products were actually what I was shopping for, I’m actually really enjoying using them! Have you tried any Kiko products? Is there any you would recommend?


Much love,




3 thoughts on “Kiko Milano Haul

  1. I’ve never tried any Kiko stuff but the colours here all look really pretty – maybe I should!! It’s nice to see some different shades from just the darks at the time of year too! However, I’m totally guilty of stocking up on darker shades myself!! (Oops!)

    Eliza x


      1. I find it hard because I’m quite pale but there are a few shades I can do! Definitely need to try out some Kiko by the sound of it though! x


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