My day in photos

I was looking for some blog post inspo and came across a suggestion which made me think. ‘A photo of every hour of your day.’ I thought to myself, ‘But how? My days are so boring,’ so I decided I would give it a shot to see what I actually do from hour to hour each day. So, the quality of my photos are poor because my aim for this post was to show what I do everyday and tbh, when I take photos I don’t edit them unless they are for a specific purpose so I thought that I’d portray my life in its unedited nature. Also, there are quite a lot of words in this post considering it’s meant to be a photo post but yeah, I talk a lot and like explaining things hah!

7am – Pull my lazy ass out of bed and have a shower, out on a face and quickly do something to my hair.


8am – Today I decided to walk to work because my 40 minute commute to work that should only take 10 minutes, is getting so frustrating- I hate public transport. I MUST learn to drive. With views like this I should really walk more often but the weather hasn’t been great recently (excuses, I know.)


9am- Werk werk werk werk. But first thing is first, get the coffee on for us all.


10am – Procrastinating at work by staring out the window. How can you not thought? (Probably shouldn’t be wasting time this early in the day.)


11am – Scheduling appointments of committee meetings I need to attend etc etc. So much fun.


12pm – I’ve not been appointed to assist the Ethics Committee so I’ve got so many applications to look over.


1pm- LUNCH. Yay for food! I also go outside and sit and read on a bench because the campus is just so beautiful.


2pm – 4pm I spent two hours this afternoon sorting through marketing materials and choosing what to put in packs for an upcoming Open Day. COME STUDY PSYCHOLOGY GUYS.


4pm- TEA.Yusss.


5pm – I usually do my Couch to 5k program after work as the campus is so beaut to run on.


6pm – Walk home since its a lovely evening and I walked to work. Then jumped in the shower – you definitely do not want to see a picture of that.

14786938_10157661366920512_64442227_o (1).jpg

7pm – Made myself a veggie burger for dinner. Was so guuuud.


8pm – Studying for my theory test. I’m so bad at putting time aside to study for this but I did tonight as I haven’t in agessssss.


9pm – Telly and down time. Made in Chelsea. Yusss. And of course, a wee cuppa.


10pm – BED. Finally.


So that was a glimpse of my very boring life. Today was busy though. Very busy.

Much love,


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