October favourites

I know everybody is saying it but honestly, how is it November already? I can’t believe that Halloween has been and gone so quickly! Now I am so excited as next month it is Christmas!!! And, next month, I’m going to do Blogmas. Ah. Nervous but excited. Anyway, as quickly as the month went, I managed to spoil myself as per usual (must stop doing this) and found new favourites.






Morphe Brushes / 35T palette / Eyeshadow Palette / £21.75

I got this palette at the very beginning of the month so have had plenty of time to come up with an opinion on it. I AM SO IN LOVE. Absolutely love this palette. I wanted the 35O palette but was getting extremely bored on the waiting list so I decided, sod it, I’m gonna try the 35T. It is INCREDIBLE. So beautiful. Definitely worth the hype. The pigmentation of each shade is so so good. My favourite thing about this palette is that the shadow doesn’t fall all over your face when you’re applying it. I am in love. Like, times 100. I have used so many of the colours in the palette already which is saying something, because I’m one of these people who will have a palette and probably only use about 2 of the colours. I think my next purchase is going to be the Morphe 35F palette.



I really don’t suit a dark berry lip at all. Or any sort of dark lip to be honest. It’s so hard seeing my Instagram feed covered in absolutely gorgeous dark lipsticks and I really really want to own them all! So I thought to heck with it, I’m gonna give it a go. I didn’t want to buy a high-end lipstick (or even high street one)  and decide it really wasn’t for me, so I went for the cheapest option possible – Primark.

The first shade is X  which is completely out my comfort zone but I love it! I’ve only worn it a couple of times but it is so good for a statement lip.

X is more of a brown-y colour which really compliments a lot of my autumn/winter clothing. Again, this shade is not something I would normally wear but I’m beginning to get more brave when trying new products.

Also, these Primark lipsticks smell absolutely incredible! I have a thing about lipsticks smelling good and boy, these do not disappoint.


Rimmel London // The Only One // Shade 810// £6.99

Okay, so, a little bit later in the month I thought I would bite the bullet and just buy a couple of berry lipsticks. All over the internet I have seen people ranting and raving about Rimmel London’s ‘The Only One’ in shade 810. Okay okay okay. I completely understand why it is called The Only One – it literally is the only one you need in your life. I am in love.I have already bought other shades and without a doubt some of them will become my go to products in November. They smell so good!! The matte effect honestly makes the colour last all day on your lips, and I mean all day! I only need to reapply at lunchtime, and that’s with me constantly having my lips around a cup of tea!




System Professional // Smoothen Conditioner // Daily Detangling Conditioner //  £20.95

The last time I was in the hairdressers I picked up this conditioner to try and help maintain my hair. UHHHHH it smells so good. Honestly, I love it so much. I use this conditioner about once a week in my hair to try and keep it in good condition. I wash my hair and condition it with my normal shampoo and conditioner first and then I use this. This conditioner only needs to be in your hair for about 1 minute to do its job. It honestly leaves my hair so soft and means I can actually get a brush through my hair.


I honestly recommend every one of these products! It’s only the 3rd of November and I already have favourites from the three days of this month. Terrrible, I know.

Until next time.

Much love,


18 thoughts on “October favourites

  1. I’ve been dying for a Morphe palette! I’ve seen nothing but rave reviews and the pigmentation looks out of this world! Lately I’ve been really into my Too Faced and ABH palettes, but there’s always room for another hehe

    xx Heather


  2. I can’t believe its November either!! It was literally the start of October two minutes ago D: these are great products!! I so want some berry lipsticks, they’re a must in the winter 🙂 – Sarah xoxo

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