The Autumn Tag

I seen a couple of blog posts of The Autumn Tag and they made me so in the mood for curling up on the couch with a blanket and a cuppa so I thought I’d write one myself! I absolutely love this time of year!


What signifies the start of autumn for you?

For me it is definitely the change of temperature. The air starts to get cooler and there is more of a chill and that’s when I know I can have a rummage through stored boxes and get all my woolies out! As soon as I feel the slightest of chills in the air, I allow myself to start wearing thick scarves. And that also signifies when I can start shopping for new knitwear for the upcoming autumn and winter months!

Oh yeah, and how can I forget? When the leaves start to turn yellow and fall from the trees. Aw it just makes me feel so nice and cosy and AW I LOVE AUTUMN.



What is your favourite fall scent?

Hmmmmm. My favourite scent of all time is vanilla. I have vanilla candles burning all year round because mmm mmm mm. So yum. Although, I try to change things up a bit and buy different scented candles in Autumn, especially when I see all the pretty colours. Anything berry flavoured usually a winner too.




What is your favourite autumn colour?

Now that is a hard one. I love mustard. I love burgundy. I love dark green. Okay, I love all the colours. Although, I am really diggin’ these two cosy jumpers at the moment which make me feel super Autumnal.


What is your favourite fall drink?

Toffee Nut Latte are incredible. I love them so much. Oh, and you cannot beat a Peppermint Mocha. The little cafe at my work also does Honeycomb Hot Chocolate which is honestly the best thing I have ever tasted. I try not to let myself spend too much money on these seasonal drinks though, and obviously try to limit myself due to the horrific sugar content. On a normal day, I still stick to a good ol’ cuppa tea.




What TV show, old or new, are you looking forward to this fall?

Okay, so I’ve recently started re-watching The Gilmore Girls before the 4 part special comes out! Growing up, my sister and nieces and I all watched The Gilmore Girls which was one of our ways of bonding. It just reminds me so much of my preteen years and I love that.

Also extremely excited for Imma Celebrity Get Me out of Here to return to the screens. Nothing better than a daily dosage of Ant n Dec!


What is your favourite fall fashion trend?

Personally, my go to outfits in the colder months are black skirts or skinnies with a longer sleeved top or woolly jumper. My favourite thing about this time of year is swapping regular tights to woolly cotton ones. They are my favourites. And obviously, it’s hard to get through these months without at least one pair of little ankle boots.Β I am really diggin’ these two cosy jumpers at the moment which make me feel super Autumnal.



What is your favourite frugal autumn activity?

Honestly? For me, nothing beats an autumnal walk. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll remember that I absolutely love going for a stroll to clear my head. I absolutely love going for forest walks in the autumn, the leaves are so colourful and just crunch around your feet and I don’t think there’s a better feeling. Especially when it’s a clear and dry day. Going out conker picking is so much fun too! I love it.


What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather?

I pretty much keep my make up the same during the winter months which isn’t very exciting at all. Although, I have been trying out wearing darker berry lips which I would never have done before! Anddddd… I’m absolutely loving a golden brown smoky eye.



What are your favourite things to do during Autumn? If you have any suggestions on activities to do then leave me a comment!


Much love,


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