Girls Night In


Being in full time works makes me feel like I rarely get to have a girls night in. I feel like all my weekends are booked up with things to do months in advance, and it always includes going out for meals or drinks. So I jumped at the idea of a girls night in when my friend Sophie suggested it.

Long story short; my best friend from high school moved to Canada with her family and her boyfriend 4 years ago and has now returned to Scotland to study. And that’s right, she’s studying in Stirling! It’s meant to be. So after very little correspondence for 4 whole years, we are now living in the same city and absolutely nothing has changed. True friendship right there. We still act as if we are 15 year olds, which is quite therapeutic after a long week of being an adult. Since she has been back we have met up every weekend and been on lots of adventures.


We made a plan to bake, get some wine in, watch Angus, Things and Perfect Snogging (our all time favourite which we can recite ever word to) and to order in Chinese food.

I honestly could not wait to finish work last Friday and get ready for our girls night in. Sometimes, when money is tight you really want to spend time with friends but you just can’t manage it! But you can have a fantastic night in without spending a penny. We decided to treat ourselves to Chinese food and wine but that was a luxury and not a necessity.



All you need to do to have a fantastic girls night in is fantastic company and a good movie!

My top 5 movies for an amazing girls night in would be :

  1. Mean Girls
  2. Bridget Jones’s Diary
  3. Bridesmaids
  4. Pitch Perfect
  5. Legally Blonde


Oh, I could go on and on with that list so I had to limit myself to 5. I love all genres of movies but when it comes to ย having a girls night in, I always opt for a chic flick!

There’s also nothing better than putting time aside to panper yourself. Life is always so so busy and there’s always other things that can be done in your spare time such as chores, but it is so important to find time to pamper yourself. What better way to do this than doing it with a friend! Giving yourself a bit of TLC during a girls night is perfect, especially since you’ve put time aside for that evening. Pampering does not need to cost a penny. You can make home made face masks which can work wonders for your skin! (We cheated and just bought some as it had been a long week.) ย I always feel rushed even when painting my nails so a night in was absolutely perfect for this!


We spent the night laughing, eating, baking and drinking wine! Which resulted in drunk baking which was hilarious!


How do you spend a girls night in?


Much love,


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