The Boyfriend Tag

I always see YouTube videos and blog posts of the boyfriend/girlfriend post and was so interested to see how well Michael actually knew me. I also thought some of my loyal readers might want to get to know my man a lil better (he is ACE.) Although, this post doesn’t really tell you much about him, it shows that he actually knows me pretty well. I honestly never thought he knew me this well. So it made me even more smitten. So, straight to it.



When did we meet and where?

We met in April at a bar. But spoke on tinder a year ago but then you patched me.

Where and when was our first kiss?

Eh outside your pals house ahahhaha. Β It was at the end of our 5th date.

Who said ‘I love you’ first?

Ehhhhhhhhhm, me when I was drunk. It was over text as well. Oh, that’s bad isn’t it? I just got drunk and couldn’t keep it in anymore.

When is my birthday?

Ehh the 17th of April. [He definitely only knows that because it’s 10 days before his.]

Where does my family come from?


What is one thing you wish I didn’t do?

Eh I don’t think there’s anything. Well, actually, I don’t like when you wear knee high socks. [Whyyyyyyyy, that’s so weird.]

What is one food I don’t like?


What is my favourite drink?

Diluting black current juice

What am I afraid of?

You’re not scared of anything cos you’re Louise. Okay, you’re actually scared of letting me in and you’re scared of big crowds.

What’s my favourite sandwich?

Ham. Definitely.

What would I eat everyday if I could?


What colour are my eyes?


What is my favourite cake?


Do I play sports?

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH NO. Well, you do run I guess so that kinda counts.

I would spend hours on ___________.

The couch. [He is a cheeky shit.]

Do I have a nickname?

I call you poo. Or Weeze.

What kind of books do I like?

Romantical ones [Romantic Michael, But okay.]

What is the first thing I do in the morning?

Tell me I’ve got a stinky breath ‘you’re breath is howfin’ Michael.’

Complete this sentence: My girlfriend is_________.

Better than yours.


So there we have it. It’s official. I go out with a 5 year old. Or so it seems after reading this.


Much love,


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