Blogmas Day 1 : What Christmas means to Me

So, about 3 months ago I started a new blog and I am extremely happy with where it is going. It is already much bigger than I imagined.

Over the years I have always read others Blogmas posts and I absolutely love them, it gets me right into the Christmas spirit. So, with my new blog, I thought, why don’t I do it?

I definitely will complete it because it makes me so excited just the thought of it, so writing about everyone’s favourite time of year will be super fun!

So I thought I would start of by writing about what Christmas means to me.

Growing up,Christmas seems to be all about the presents but if anybody is the same as me, the older I get, the meaning of Christmas completely changes.

First of all, I’ve not spoken much about my family on this so not many people know that the set up of my family is pretty complicated – yet I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So, my oldest niece and I have lived away from home for 4 years now and my youngest niece has lived away for 3 years. So it is extremely rare that the 3 of us, my sister and brother in law are in the same place at the same time. Christmas is the only time of year when we are all in the same house together. It sounds horrible and I miss them all dearly but that’s what makes Christmas that little bit more special!



Unfortunately, we are only ever home for about 3 days altogether but it is just so magical. We usually arrive home on Christmas Eve and that’s when the traditions begin!

So my hometown has this absolutely incredible Chinese restaurant and I’ve never been able to find one like it anywhere else. On Christmas Eve our family get a Chinese takeaway and sit and eat it altogether, usually whilst catching up! We then spend the evening watching a couple of movies whilst being cosy in front of the telly with the Christmas tree behind us. That is something else that I love about going home at Christmas – we always have a real tree. There is not anything in this world I love more than walking into my house after months of being away, and the warmth of the living room hitting me and the smell of the fresh pine tree. And the lights. Oh I just love fairy lights!

Our Christmas tree is always beautifully decorated which makes our house so so pretty. We used to have a tradition where we would go out and each pick a tree decoration each year to add to the tree. However, since we have all moved away, the tradition has changed slightly. We are obviously not there to pick our own decorations but my sister always get us one which is often personalised which makes it even more special!

Being with my family is really special, especially as we rarely get to see each other so that makes Christmas time so special to me. I also get to see my friends from home and catch up which is always amazing.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?


Much love,


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