Blogmas Day 3 : Gift Guide for Him

I don’t know what it is about the male species but I find them incredibly difficult to buy for, no matter how well I know them.

I’ve put together a small selection of gifts that I would buy for some of the male figures in my life. These gifts are more ‘add on’ items or gifts that you would buy if you were just not 100% sure what to get. I usually ask the person I’m buying for what they would like so these are extras I would buy. Not quite stocking gifts but some could pass for them too!



Yankee Man Candle Barbershop Aftershave  // John Lewis // £12.99

Some men hate to admit it but they love candles just as much as us girls! So why don’t you treat with a ‘mandle.’ Therefore, they can have a candle and still feel all manly. (Totally get that not all guys are like this, but the men in my life are.)



Ohh Deer A5 Pad // ASOS // £6

I’m getting this for my boyfriend because he is absolutely useless at being organised. Lists are fantastic. I love lists.






Boxer Shorts // Calvin Klein // £20

Easy. People need pants. And what better way to treat someone than with a pair of Calvins!






Personalised Cuff links // Not on the Highstreet // £16

I absolutely love these cufflinks! Last Christmas I bought these for 2 different people and they went down such a treat. They are honestly beautiful. And so personal.





Pub Quiz Gift Set // Superdrug // £2

All the men in my life are extremely competitive. So I think this is a fantastic gift! This card set is so perfect for journeys and nights in.




Fossil Wallet // John Lewis // £39

This Fossil wallet is absolutely gorgeous and at such a good price! What I love about this is that it has a coin pocket.





Selfie Phone Clip // // £4.99

These selfie clips are absolutely fantastic. I had a shot of one and absolutely loved it. It is just perfect for parties or get together when taking along a selfie stick can be a bit much.




Giant Beer Pong // // £7.99

This is such a quirky yet fantastic gift! I’ve been to so many parties where people want to play beer pong but don’t have ping pong balls. This set is perfect as it has everything you need to play a fun game of beer pong (minus the beer, obvs.)




Personalised Leather Braid Bracelet // Not on the Highstreet // £49

Some guys like jewellery, some don’t. For those who do, this braided leather bracelet is absolutely perfect. And it can be personalised. So cute.




Does anybody have any gift suggestions  for guys? I am so stuck!

21 sleeps!


Much love,







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