Blogmas Day 4 : The Christmas Jumper Edit

Christmas jumpers never used to be highly fashionable but over the past few years they have become so much more popular (YAY!) Personally, I absolutely love a Christmas jumper. It just completely adds to the festive feeling and cheer!

What makes Christmas jumpers even better (is this even possible?) is that there is a whole day dedicated to wearing one to raise money for the charity Save the Children. I mean, even if you think Christmas jumpers are hideous, throwing one on for a day to donate and  raise money for charity. 16th Dec.

So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites this year and to give some inspiration if you don’t share my love for a good old Christmas jumper!


1  Matalan // Fluffy Fairilse Christmas Jumper // £18

Aw I absolutely love this Christmas jumper. I love the patterns so much. I would wear this on a cold day with a black skirt, tights and little ankle boots!






John Lewis // Sugarhill Boutique Jolly Jumper // £44

This is a much more subtle Christmas jumper but I think it’s so cute. I’d wear this so much as it looks so comfy. And Christmas time is all about being jolly!





Matalan // Beaded Christmas Jumper // £20

I absolutely adore this Christmas jumper! I have ordered it for myself. I love love love the detailed beading at the top of the jumper!






Marks and Spencer // Bauble Beaded Jumper // £45

I absolutely love this so so much. If I had £45 to spend on a Christmas jumper, this would be the one. I love how it’s different from the rest. With the little twine of baubles!





ASOS // Christmas Snowflake Jumper // £20

I think this might be one of my favourite jumpers this year. I love the burgundy/red colour and I think the snowflake elbow patches are so cute!






Asda // Christmas Print Sweatshirt // £12

This is so cute. It just has a splash of everything Christmas all over it. And burgundy so winner.




New Look // Reindeer Heart Jumper // £14.99

How cute is this jumper though? Look at the little reindeers!






Topshop // Sequin Gingerbread Man Jumper // £36

Eeeeeeh. Look at all the little gingerbread men. And they have santa hats on. So much cuteness.






Marks and Spencer // Reindeer Crew Neck Jumper // £29.50

I adore the colour of this jumper. It makes me feel all Christmassy. And the middle fur patch looks so soft!





Have you seen any other cute Christmas jumpers? Let me know if you have!

20 sleeps!

Much love,


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