Blogmas Day 8 : Knitwear



One of my favourite things about winter is definitely looking out all my knitwear. I absolutely adore a pom pom beanie if you can’t guess by this post. Each year, my collection grows! Scarves are also a must have in my winter wardrobe and I try to have a scarf in each colour that will go with any type of outfit. I thought I’d list some of my favourite knitwear finds this winter. (Aside from this list, I am absolutely loving some of the bobble hats from Primark this year!)


New Look // Khaki Pom Pom Hat // £9.99hat1

How cute is this hat with the double pom poms? I absolutely love it and I think the khaki colour is to die for! This is currently sitting in my New Look basket waiting to be ordered.





Jack Wills // Ariana Faux Fur Headband // £19.50

I’ve been looking for a head band for the past couple of winters but my head is honestly so big that it’s hard to find one that fits. I absolutely love them though and I think these headbands are so cute!






New Look // Pink Textured Scarf // £14.99

This scarf looks so so cosy and I love the texture of the knit! This is the sort of scarf that could go with so many outfits due to the pale pink/ oatmeal-y colour.





Superdry // Colour Block Beanie // £19.99

AHHH this is like my favourite beanie ever. It’s so cute and look at the fluffy wee pom pom! It looks so cosy and I absolutely love it.






Zara // Soft Textured Scarf // £19.99

Zara is my favourite place to get a really thick cosy scarf. I really love this checked one and am considering buying it although I will it hard to swap my tartan Zara one from last year for it. But it is super pretty so it might just be worth it! Definitely worth paying £19.99.





Misguided // Cream rainbow pom pom beanie // £10

I seen this on Misguided and could not resist putting this in my knitwear post. Look how pretty the pom pom is? It instantly reminded me of unicorns so I had to pop it in case any of you unicorn lovers out there hadn’t come across this hat.






Dorothy Perkins // Cream Neppy Check Scarf // £15

I think this scarf is another one that could compliment any outfit as the colours are pretty neutral. I love the little tint of blue in it too! And it does look super cosy.






Superdry // Almeta Slouch Beanie // £14.99

I used to be an absolute sucker for a slouch beanie! This one from Superdry looks really soft and not too thick a texture.






Accessorize // Geo Cable Scarf // £22

Who doesn’t love a little tint of mustard to brighten up an outfit? This scarf from Accessorize is beaut and looks extra thick and warm!





Have you got any knitwear favourites this year?

Much love,


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