Blogmas Day 10 – Handmade Christmas Cards

I honestly love receiving cards so much! Sometimes I really prefer them over presents. When people spend the time writing a message inside a card that is personally for you, that just gets me.

I’m quite the creative kind when I have time, so decided that this year I would make my own Christmas cards. Especially since the list of people in my life is a lot smaller, I have a lot more desire to share the love with the people I’m thankful for. It’s not like primary school where you send a card to everyone in the class.

I had a scroll through Pinterest and I found a few ideas that I loved, but since I was keeping to a budget, I decided to stick with one kind.

All I needed to make these cards was;

  • A4 Card and Envelopes – The Works // £2
  • Buttons – The Works // £0.99
  • Glue Dots – Amazon // £1.99
  • Ruler
  • Pen

These cards were so easy to make. They are quite simple and I understand that some people would prefer to make more luxurious cards but I still think mine turned out pretty cute! So here’s a quick 5 step guide on how I made them:

Step 1 – Fold your card in half and choose which side you want the fold at (I chose the fold to be at the top as I wanted my baubles to hang.)

Step 2 – Place your buttons where you would like the baubles to be hanging so you have an idea where to place your glue dots.Put your glue dots in place and stick on the buttons. You can use glue  if you prefer, I opted for glue dots to prevent any stickiness around the card.                                                                  15224760_10157868363825512_1942698948_o

Step 4 –  Using a ruler, draw straight lines to the top of the card to create the hanging bauble effect. I drew some little bows on top of the buttons to make them look more like baubles.


Step 5 – I wrote Merry Christmas at the bottom of mine but you can obviously design it any way you want with any greeting you want.



And there you have it. My quick 5 step guide to making little Christmas cards that will put a smile on people’s faces.

Have you tried any Christmas crafts this year? If so, please share them with me!

Much love,



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