Blogmas Day 14 – Handmade Gift Wrap

When I have spare time, I quite enjoy getting crafty, especially if it has a purpose. Over the years, I’ve seen people create their own gift wrap and I’ve always been so impressed by the outcome. So with a free weekend, and a little inspo form Pinterest, I thought, why not make my own gift wrap! It was so so simple and I think my gifts look quite cute.

All I needed was;

  • Brown paper
  • Ink and/or paint
  • Ribbon


For the print, I simply made a potato stamp. I cut a tree shape into a potato and then cut down the sides.


I was planning on using black ink for my stamps but I didn’t give my potato much time to dry out so the ink wasn’t as effective. I used black paint and simply used a paintbrush to avoid mess. I rolled out my brown paper on the floor and began stamping. I wasn’t too fussed about it being all neat and aligned so I just stamped anywhere. I cut a smaller potato with a smaller tree as for some presents, the original was too large.


I left my paper to dry for a while because I didn’t want to smear the paint because then I would have to start all over again. Once the paper was dry, I then wrapped my gifts!


I had previously ordered black ribbon to match the colour of the stamps! And I added a candy cane for a finishing touch – it just makes it look so cute! I got most of my presents wrapped and under our tree and it has made me feel even more Christmassy!


Have you got any gift wrap ideas?

11 sleeps!

Much love,


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