Blogmas Day 18- Winter Skincare

I’ve seen a lot of posts on how people change up their skin care routine for the winter months so I thought I’d share mine.

Sometimes I’m awful at maintaining my skin care however, this year I’ve been so good and noticed such a difference in my skin. It seems to be working wonders for me as my once grey and washed out face, now has a glow to it, and that’s before applying make up.


Lush / 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion / £5.25

I absolutely adore this cleanser from Lush. It’s such a light cleanser which is great for my oily skin as there’s not too much product. Once I remove my make up, I apply this cleanser to my face and then remove with a cotton pad. This leaves my face feeling fresh.


Nivea / Cleanser&Toner / £3.59

This toner and cleanser was in my September favourites. Once I’ve removed my Lush cleanser, I apply some of this Nivea toner to a large cotton pad and use it to wipe away any extra yuck that might still be on my face. This works miracles this toner. It’s actually so so refreshing. I absolutely love it! It makes my face feel super clean.


Garnier/ Skin Naturals Moisture Matte Shine Be Gone /Fresh Cream /£3.99

I usually give my face about 5 minutes to air off and dry before applying my moisuriser. Then I use this light Garnier face cream that I think featured in my August favourites. I apply this in the evening only and my skin seems to be less greasy when I wake in the morning after using the cream the evening before. It also leaves my face feeling refreshed.

I do this routine in the morning when I wake up and evening before I go to bed. However, I don’t moisturise my face in the morning as I do not have enough time so I tend to just go straight for the make up after toning.

Have you got any tips to improve my skin care routine?

7 sleeps!

Much love,


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