Blogmas Day 22 – Blogging Goals

I thought I’d set myself two different types of goals for 2017 ; ones for my blog and personal goals. So today, I’m going to share with you my blogging goals or the next year.

Blogging Goals




Okay, I want to buy my own domain name. My lil blog is only 3 months old but people are actually reading the nonsense I have to say. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself because that’s definitely not who I am but I really want to purchase my domain name! I also have new artwork for the new year!

Reach 500 blog followers

This will seem like nothing to most people but if I could reach 500 people following my blog I would be overwhelmed and ecstatic! Anyone who read my posts even just once, makes it all worth while. Love y’all. I’m so scared that I won’t meet my goal but I’m gonna try so hard!

Have a Twitter following of 2,500

Personally, I don’t believe that having a massive Twitter following is overly important, however, the more followers you have on a certain platform, the chances of increasing your blog views are going to be higher. So go figure. I somehow managed to get 1,000 followers in 3 months from lots of persuasion however, I think it’ll all slow down from here. By the end of next year, it would be AMAZING and overwhelming if I managed to get myself 2.5k.


Grow my Instagram & reach 500 followers

I honestly find it SO hard to use Instagram for blogging purposes. In the new year, I’m gonna try to grow my following on Insta and get to 500 followers. A lot of people focus on just Instgram but I believe it’s best to try and get a range of people from wherever you can to be reading your blog.

Use Pinterest

I also want try to use Pinterest to promote my blog! Pinterest is where I get a lot of my post ideas so I’d love to be able to encourage people to write about particular things.


If anybody has any tips that would help me meet any of my goals please let me know! Have you got any blogging goals for the next year?

3 sleeps!

Much love,


One thought on “Blogmas Day 22 – Blogging Goals

  1. Great goals and so attainable! Instagram has been difficult for myself, blogging wise. I think the best thing for all your goals is to keep posting regularly and interact as much as you can on all social media outlets and on your blog.


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