Online friendship: Guest post

Happpy Thursday everyone!

I thought I’d treat you all today to a guest post from my fave Dutch, Marc Lamberts! I was really struggling with content and Marc agreed to help me out by writing a guest post for me, which shows how good a friend he is. Appropriate for the content of this post huh? I’m just gonna hand it over to himself and let him do the talking, or writing, you know what I mean. I’ve left all Marc’s links below!


“Friends are family you choose”

It’s very cheesy, but it’s so true. Friendships are vital and important to one’s soul, I guess that having real friends is really underestimated, especially online friendship. Today I’m telling you, online friendships are the real deal!

Things you often hear about online friendships is that you have to careful and it’s not like real friendship, apparently making friends online is not subject to any feeling. I think that is utter codswallop if you ask me. Making friends online is the real deal and those friends have the same worth to me as my real life friends.

The thing I’ve experienced and love about making online friends is that the most people are very genuine, have no biased opinion about you and are rather open. I think with online friendships, first and foremost it’s about the quality and connection of the conversations. You focus on what’s inside the person, the character and personality. That makes online friendships so strong and why they can last very long.


It’s rather funny how you meet online, most of the time it’s via a friend or because of a certain blog. Sometimes it’s via mail swap – that’s how I met my wonderful buddy Louise! – or a little project. Sometimes you don’t remember how, why and when. But you know one thing, you are really glad you have met that particular person.

Online friendship – especially when long distance – can be hard actually. I’m a Dutch blogger and the majority of my friends live in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Of course you can call each other or Skype or FaceTime, but sometimes you just want to meet up with someone, smash all the food or just give each other massive cuddles. You want to physically be there for someone, when they are in need of a good friend and that makes it kind of hard sometimes. But when you put the effort in – sometimes you don’t speak for days – and the other does that too, the friendship will keep existing and that people, is one of the best feelings in the world.


There’s so much beauty to have long distance friends though, I’ve learnt so much. I’ve learnt about other cultures, languages, customs, studies, degrees, sports, experiences. I’ve a lot of places to visit, I’ve become more fluent in English speaking and writing. I’ve experienced how it is to feel cared for, appreciated and loved by friend. I know what it’s like to help people in need and see that your advice helps them, I’ve felt how good it is to see that people want to help you.

What I really encourage is making friends with both females and males. There’s this ridiculous idea that we can’t be friends with the opposite sex. I think we all have great qualities and to have friends – both male and female – is only good for your health and your personality. I’m feeling awesome because I’ve met so many females, who are great friends. They always are there for me and I feel like it’s super awesome to have a female best friend. Bloody awesome in fact!

It’s perfectly fine to be friends with someone from the opposite sex without wanting a romance. It’s completely fine to spend your days talking to women/men and enjoying it. You don’t have to feel guilty because you care about a woman/man, without loving her/him romantically. I’ve met some great women on the internet for these past few months and I’m very proud to call them my friends. They are beautiful too yes, but the most important thing that they each are unique, talented, funny, kind, caring, witty and have a great personality. They do add to my life, just like my guy friends. They make my life complete when they touch my heart.


Sure, there are differences. We both view the world in another perception and we have different struggles at times. But that also gives a unique position. Sometimes talking about problems in another light, can help you so much. I’ve come to that conclusion. I’ve got soulmates, buddies, pals, mates and they are women. You can be soulmates with someone you don’t share a romantic relationship with. I think the society has laid this perception of marrying the other sex and only be friends with your own sex. It’s really ridiculous. I don’t care what people say. I’m friends with women and I bloody love it. I couldn’t honestly survive the way I feel without ALL my friends.

I think it’s awesome to have met so many people online, some of them have become my best friends. Online friendships are so valuable, important, vital and have given me so much joy and strength. I hope you all find these friendships, because it will make your life more complete.

Also, give Louise all the love on here and her twitter and instagram, she my wee best pal and she deserves it!


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