The Power of Fiction

Fiction is my escape. Since a young age, I have always loved reading. Always. And I don’t remember a time that I haven’t had a book on the go.

For me, reading is more than just something to pass time, to entertain for a short while. It’s an escape. A sense of comfort. Reading brings me peace and tranquillity that I cannot seem to find anywhere else.

Reading is the biggest and most important part of my self care routine. If I didn’t have books, then I have absolutely no idea what would keep me half sane. Whilst writing this post, I’m counting down the minutes until I can be reunited with my current book and forget about the world. (Yes, I could probably read on this bus ride but honestly, my book would go flying if its anything to go with this guys driving.) I honestly don’t think there is a better way to wind down than cosying up with a cuppa tea and a fantastic book.


When I read, I forget about everything else around me. It is the only time my mind fully switches off. I don’t even think about food and believe me, that is very very rare. Over the years, with the increased consumption of technology in my life, my attention span has considerably shrunk. I find it difficult to even watch a 45 minute episode of something on Netflix. I get bored very easily. Reading is the only thing that can occupy my mind for longer than about 10 minutes. I don’t know what makes it so much more different than other activities but a book can never bore me. Ever.


I don’t know what it is that switches me off so much better than anything else. It might be something to do with how much I need to use my imagination. I believe that reading makes us creative and more open minded. An author writes the words that describes places, people and plots. They paint the picture for us, we do the rest. It is up to us how we see the characters and their surroundings. I think that’s part of the magic.

Having to use our imagination to read the story that the offer has given us, requires quite a bit of concentration that takes us away from our own world. That’s my favourite part about fiction. That although plots and characters can be based around real life experiences and people, it is essentially made up.

When I was a student, I used to feel extremely guilty if I was doing anything other than uni work. Even reading fiction to wind down at the end of the night riddled me with guilt. So I never got to read half as much as I wanted to. Now though, I can read whenever I’m not working and feel 100% guilt free.


For me, books are lifesavers. Not only do they distract me from my own bustling mind but they allow me to use imagination and creativity that is not used often.

What are your favourite books?

Much love,



4 thoughts on “The Power of Fiction

  1. I love reading, I’m very much the same. I couldn’t just sit and watch something on TV for as little as 30 minutes but put a book in my hand and I can be there for 3 hours. Reading has become very therapeutic for me and I thank my mum all the time for having books in the house as I was growing up. At the moment my favourite books are The Hunger Games books. I loved the films but the books surprised me. Great post πŸ™‚

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  2. Reading is an amazing thing. I don’t take the time to read nearly as often as I would like. I do feel
    guilty for it, as it takes my focus away from my children. But when I get the opportunity to be by myself. I really do enjoy a good book. Great post! πŸ˜‰


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