5 things I love about the blogging community

The blogging community has honestly changed my life. Whilst there are many negative sides to blogging and negativity within the community, there are just as many positive!

  1. You can meet the most amazing people!

I have honestly made a few really good friends through blogging and I know that I will meet them! Whether it’s in the next few months or the next few years, I know that they are friends that I will meet! It’s crazy to think you can have online friends that you haven’t met in real life but some people I’ve befriended online are some of my closest friends. Y’all know who you are.


2. People actually share interests with you

Its’ inevitable that your closest circle of people in real life aren’t gonna share the same interests as you. Everyone’s different so why would they? Being part of the blogging community allows you to connect with people who share the same interests as you. Whether that’s sharing through Twitter chats or simply searching for posts on a particular subject, there’s always somebody who enjoys the same things as you! I absolutely love this part of the blogging community as it keeps things interesting.


3. Support network

I never ever thought I would gain such a support network through blogging. #talkMH guys, I’m looking at you. Having people you can go to for advice and chats is an incredible feeling and for me, talking to people who go through the same really helps. I don’t really like opening up to the people around me so having the blogging community really helps me, especially during my lowest points.


4. Food inspo

Oh my god, the amount of amazing recipes and food ideas I have found through the blogging community is unreal. I get extremely bored of having the same thing for dinner over and over again, so finding out what other people make is great. I absolutely love trying new dishes and honestly, some bloggers shared recipes have made their way into my favourites!


5. Product reviews

Definitely one of my favourite things about the blogging community. I’m quite reluctant to buy products if I have never tried them before because I hate wasting money on things that don’t go to plan. I find reviews of products, especially beauty ones, really helpful. Because lets be honest, if a blogger doesn’t like a product, they will definitely share that with you. Which is great because it means that no money needs to be wasted on said product. I usually read a couple of reviews on a product before making a purchase decision as it’s good to get more than one opinion.


What are your favourite things about the blogging community?

Much love,


One thought on “5 things I love about the blogging community

  1. My favorite thing about the blogging community is the support. In two months I’ve made many friends, people who are interested in me and in what I have to say, who support me and my mental health issues. Creating a blog was one of the best things I’ve ever done, honestly.


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