Louise Chatters : February

February has been just wonderful! I had one dreadful week but apart from that it was great. Things had just been piling up for a bit so naturally, I had a good cry one night and that seemed to make everything better.

I read A LOT this month. So so many good books. I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve read this month through a post next week.


I went to see Still Game Live with my niece Nicole, who very generously got us tickets for Christmas! It was absolutely hilarious. SO SO funny. And we went for a beaut meal at Bar Soba beforehand to catch up and it was great.


I had 4 days of annual leave this month and booked a last minute trip to Paris with Michael. Despite studying French up until the end of my second year of uni, I have never actually been to France. My oh my, I completely fell in love with Paris. The trip was absolutely incredible and UHHH, blog post to come.


Veggie week was absolutely fine, once again. I’ve been thinking a lot and going to try and cut a lot more meat out of my diet. I’m still too scared to 100% commit though.

So, I had my first session of therapy with my new psychiatrist. I would normally be really positive about therapy and be able to look at the benefits I got from each session but my first session with my new doctor, was not great. I mean, this therapy is now weekly so I understand it’s going to be a lot more in depth but I just didn’t get anything from the first session at all. We talked about a period of my life that was completely irrelevant and honestly, has no meaning. Fingers crossed next week will be better! I have faith.


I feel like things have been quite quiet over here this month, I’ve missed two posts which is really unlike me. I don’t know what’s up but I feel like I’ve lost my mojo and just haven’t felt like writing. Fingers crossed I’ll get my flare for writing back soon. I feel like all social media has been slightly quieter this month which is strange. I’m now sitting at 1652 Twitter followers and 365 Insta followers which has not stopped going up and down. I feel like this is the worst that the ‘follow to unfollow’ game has ever been. No need to dwell though, still got 10 months to reach my goals!


Much love,


One thought on “Louise Chatters : February

  1. How is therapy now? I’ve tried many therapists and two psychiatrists until I found one of each that I really liked. You need to be well taken care of, so it’s okay if you look around and experiment and little. You need to click with the person, I think. It’s a very personal situation.


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