Mother’s Day

‘Show your Mum just how much she means to you this Mother’s Day’Β is a line I get pretty sick of seeing in my inbox from EVERY single company. With Mothering Sunday approaching on Sunday 26th, supermarkets too, have not spared any expense marketing it. I sound like I hate Mothers day and that I have a bitter attitude towards it but honestly, that isn’t the case. My overactive brain just thinks too much and has come up with a few thoughts on this day. So hear me out.

Some people love Mother’s Day because it gives them the chance to spend the day with their Mum, Granny or whoever has played that figure in their life. And getting to spoil someone who has done everything for you, literally given you life, feels good.

Yet, some people can’t afford to spoil their Mum. And that’s okay. There are many ways to show your appreciation which don’t cost a penny. Because realistically, our Mothers deserve a hell of a lot more than we could ever afford. Some people would also argue that we shouldn’t need a named day to show our appreciation and we should be doing this everyday. But with busy lifestyles it can become pretty difficult to do so. And what about people who find it difficult to vocalise their feelings of gratitude? It really is worth thinking about.

There is also relationships between Mothers and their offspring that aren’t as strong. Not everybody shares a strong bond with their parents for one reason or another. And for those people it must be frustrating seeing this day advertised everywhere.


And then there are those who have lost their Mother. Unfortunately, I lost my Mum way too soon, at the age of 9. This day can be hard for people who have lost their Mum or Gran as it reminds them of what they have lost. This is in no way a sob story post. It’s just my thoughts on the day. Mothers day is hard for us that have lost ours, but I try my best to not make it a day of sadness, and try to think of the amazing memories I had when my mamma was in my life. I’m lucky enough to still have my sister who is my mother figure in my life and yes, I will be sending a card and present. Although, I always feel so guilty that I can’t spend the day with her.

If you’re celebrating Mothers day then have a great day and make sure you tell your mother figures how much they mean to you. And if you’re not, you have a good day too! People are entitled to their own opinions on the day so if they don’t wanna celebrate, leave them be!

Much love,




5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Here in Portugal it isn’t Mother’s day until May. I’m sorry you no longer have your mom with you Louise. I’m sure she’s your guardian angel. Please don’t be too sad, she wouldn’t want that, would she. Have a lovely day!

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  2. You are one of the strongest, most loving people I know. You’re so right to get angry, a day of appreciation should not be commercialised but instead rooted in strengthening emotional connections. It also shouldn’t be forced down our throats like it is, I’m sorry you’re put in that position. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. Much love xxx

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