Louise Chatters: March

I really love writing these posts because they let me reflect on my month but this one seems to have passed so quickly yet I feel like I have not done anything. Spring has definitely begun and with it there has been some glorious weather. I can’t wait to be able to take more walks and do some exploring.


UHHHH I’ve been in such a rut recently and I have no idea why. I wrote a post on it because I just wanted to know if others ever felt the same and they do! Which I take comfort in knowing that it’s not only me who feels this way.

I have actually socialised so much this month which is really good compared to normal. But honestly, I am knackered. Apart from socialising, life is pretty quiet to be honest. Next month will probably be a little busier as I really want to make a trip home and it is both Michael and my birthdays.


I had really good therapy sessions this month. We talked about my routines and why I have them and how we need to work on my relationship with them. I mean, I love my routines so I don’t exactly want to change them but I always give everything a try. I also talked about relationships with close people which was good. We talked about how detached I feel from everything and it was good letting it all out. Now I just need to find some solutions to start getting through the tough times.



I spent the first week of March with a horrible flu which seen me miss a whole week of the gym. Which wasn’t great considering I ate like a horse in Paris and never exercised. Anyways, I reallly need to get out of the habit of eating absolute rubbish at the weekend. I need to change my relationship with food but it’s just so hard! I went to my first HIIT class and by god, I am SORE. It was so so intense and obviously, it’s meant to be but still. I never realised how hard it would be. I think I’ll try and go every second week! I’ve realised that quick weight loss and me just don’t get on and I end up giving up far too easily. So I’ve decided to take it slowly and work on changing my lifestyle completely.

I’ve not as much been doing a full veggie week every month anymore. I’ve been pretty much eating vegetarian about 80% of the month. I’ve rarely been eating meat and it feels good!


When it comes to blogging, I’ve recently not felt like writing which gets me down. I love writing but I just feel so detached from everything that I can’t even string a sentence together. Regarding social media, I’m absolutely useless at the whole Instagram thing! And my Twitter followers just refuse to climb. Yes I know, I know, it’s not all about numbers but the more followers you have, the more views your blog gets BOOM.

Uh, sorry if this seems like a negative monthly update but I really don’t have much to report on.17622942_10158490059465512_2116421136_o


Much love,


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