Top 5 Places to Shop Plus Size

Long time no speak my friends. But I’m back and with a post that isn’t really something I’d normally write about. I have no idea where I got the inspo from for this post but I digress. I have a constant battle with my weight and have been a ‘plus size’ for as long as I remember. I do shop in high street shops which sell ‘normal’ sized clothing but I often feel uncomfortable in them or they just don’t fit my body right. It also doesn’t help that the same size in different shops varies so so much. In New Look, I can wear a size 16 jeans but in Primark, I can’t even get a size 18 over my thighs. It just doesn’t make sense.

Recently, I have been shopping more online and I have been buying stuff mostly from ‘plus size’ ranges. I’m not even going to go into the term ‘plus size’ because that is an argument long enough for a separate post.  Anyway, everyone has different shapes and sizes and for those who shop through plus sized ranges, I wanna share my favourite shops and sites. Pls don’t slate me, I’ve never done a ‘fashion post’ before, but I thought it could be helpful to some.


In The Style

In the style launched a plus size range called In The Style Curve and it is honestly my go to site, especially when I’m in need of a dress! They offer plus sizes of some of their celebrity ranges which I absolutely adore! ~The prices for their clothes are so so affordable and there is usually some sort of discount being offered, whether it is free discount or a percentage off your order. The variety of styles is great and there’s actually a decent sized range of clothing, unlike other shops which only offer a couple of options.


Curve Bellah Khaki Tie Waist Dress / £24.99


Curve Girl Gang Khaki Tee Dress / £16.99



Boohoo is my favourite place to shop for plus sized clothing. The range is absolutely brilliant and there are so many products. It makes you feel like you have a choice in products and there are lots of options, which sometimes with other retailers, doesn’t feel like the case. I’m SO looking forward to shopping for my holiday because their holiday shop is absolutely stunning! I have ordered so many little bits from Boohoo plus size and curve range and it’s a great place to shop for everyday clothes. The prices are so reasonable and there’s always some sort of sale on!





ASOS Curve is a fab range. I love it because there are so many different brands so you can always find something different. It is so so good for oversized denim jackets. Some prices are a lot more affordable than others but I still love it because it means you have everything

New Look 

A lot of my current wardrobe is from the plus size range in New Look. I absolutely love a lot of their items! Their spring range is so lovely and there are so many pastel colours and it’s just so lovely! The only thing I would criticise is sometimes there are a lack of range of products and it’s difficult to find something you like.

Striped Blouse / £16


Chi Chi Clothing

I was looking for a formal dress to wear and was really struggling to find anything for us bigger gals out there. Somebody on Twitter directed me to Chi Chi and I was so delighted to find out they had a plus size range! The range of dresses are absolutely stunning, in all colours and lengths. I’m definitely going to be ordering from them again for the next formal event I go to in November.


Saskia Dress / £72.99


So, as a bigger girl I find it hard to shop for clothes so I thought I’d share my five favourite shops right now! Do you have any recommendations?

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Places to Shop Plus Size

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  2. I struggle to get plus sized clothing and I seem to be different sizes in different shops haha. I love most of the things I pick up from Boohoo and New Look but I find sometimes they are quite a lot shorter than I’d like them to be (I’m only 5’2 too so it’s not because I’m taller lol) so I’m kind of hit and miss with them both but I really like ASOS curve and also Asda George have some cute things in too 🙂 x


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