April Favourites

I never posted my March favourites last month because to be honest, I only had 3 and the content was definitely not worthy of a post. But this month I definitely have some new favourites!


Kat Von D / Everlasting liquid Lipstick / Double Dare

Can I just say, WOW. These are AMAZING. It took me so so long to pick what shade I wanted. Anyhow, these liquid lipsticks are absolutely incredible. They last ALL day and they don’t feel heavy on your lips at all which makes them even better. They apply so smoothly and doesn’t have the cracked lip look that I sometimes find with other liquid lip products.






Anastasia Beverly Hills / Modern Renaissance

I have wanted this palette for AGES. I’m pretty sure I swither over buying it every single pay day but I just couldn’t ever justify spending Ā£42 on myself. When we were in Sephora, I told Michael how much I adored this palette and he got it for me for my birthday! I was absoolutely buzzing. The fourteen shades in this palette are all so unique and I love every single one of them. The red shades have made me step out of my comfort zone and I’m loving it! The pigmentation is absolutely incredible and you do not need to use much at all!


New Look Beauty / Lip Colours

I’m not gonna lie, I was so sceptical about New Looks Beauty range until I finally got round to trying it out. I thought the products would be bad quality and greasy but I was so so wrong. I picked up a normal lipstick, a lip crayon and a liquid lipstick because I wanted to give them all a try. The quality of the products is great and the packaging is gorgeous! All three products are long lasting and the shades are beaut! The prices are incredible AND it was 3 for 2.


Urban Decay / Vice / Amulet

I kindly received this from my friend Katie for my birthday and oh man, I am in love. I adore liquid lipsticks and this is no exception. The shade Amulet is absolutely gorgeous and is a deep red / burgundy shade. I love it! I’ve worn it most days since I got it which shows how much it goes with everything. The formula dries so quickly which is so handy if you’re in a rush. The product also stays on your lips for hours at a time, definitely useful if you’re a big coffee drinker like myself.


Broadchurch Series 3.png

Broadchurch / Series 3

AHHHHHH. The final season of Broadchurch. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Olivia Coleman and David Tenant and together they are so so funny. I was so excited for the final series to air as I have followed the program since series one. This series was quite close to home but that made me want to watch it even more! The ending of the series was not as unexpected as the previous series’ of the program but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Set three years after the previous series, the eight-episode series focuses on the sexual assault of a local middle-aged woman in the fictional, close-knit coastal town of Broadchurch in Dorset, England.


Image result

Ed Sheeran / Divide

When Ed dropped his new album I had it on repeat non stop. I thought I would have gotten sick of it but throughout April I have still been playing it all the time. I think that it’s definitely his best album so far. I feel like I can relate to so so many of the songs and there’s music for any kind of mood you’re in!


What were your favourite things this month? Drop me a comment!

Much love,


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