10 Thoughts During a Good Mental Health Day

Whether I am in a horribly low mood, or  I’m in an amazingly good place in my mind, thousands of thoughts and questions go through my head about my mental health. This is probably completely normal. I just wanted to share some of these thoughts and see if anyone else goes through similar processes when they are in either a good or bad place.

I think it’s funny how our thoughts and attitudes towards ourselves can be completely different depending on a certain head space we are in.  I think that the thoughts I have about my mental health when I am happy can be just as damaging as when I am sad because I set myself very high expectations.


Here are 10 examples of what goes on in my head when I think about my mental health when I am in a good place.

  1. Oh my godddd, I am like THE happiest person in the world. What even is a bad mood? Everything is AMAZING.
  2. I am so embarrassed I ever felt so low. Uhhh, why did I even think things were so bad? So glad I pulled myself together.
  3. I don’t even need therapy, it’s a waste of the NHS’ time. Somebody else should totally have my spot.
  4. Did I totally over react when I was in a bad place? Oh god, I must have. I hope people aren’t judging me. Everyone goes through bad times. I was totally over reacting.
  5. I have so much energy!! Why did I let myself get in a slump and abandon my routine for weeks? I feel great. Lets go do things.
  6. Why did I let myself cry that much? Girl, why didn’t you just cheer up. Crying is ugly. You were fine!
  7. Who freaks out about getting on a bus full of people or being in a crowd? That’s so weird. You’re making that shit up in your head girl, get over it. It’s a bloody bus, it’s not gonna eat you.
  8. Why did I care so much about people that don’t give a damn about me? I will never cry over anyone again! I am a sassy, independent woman who don’t need anyone else!
  9. Make lots of plans! I’ve wasted so much time moping around crying and feeling sorry for myself. Make up for it and make lots of plans for the next few months. I’m always gonna be this happy! Lets socialise every day.
  10.  I do not have a mental health illness. I have pulled myself together! I have cheered up! I AM CURED.


It’s funny looking back at these because so much of these thoughts are unrealistic and total nonsense. And it has made me think, where the hell have you got these ideas from girl?! And I finally think I know the answer. STIGMA. I think it’s still the ongoing stigma surrounding mental health that makes me think these things when I am in a good place. I think that there’s nothing wrong with me and that I have ‘cheered up.’ It’s made me realise that I when I am in a good place, I need to focus on enjoying that happiness and good place that I am in. Not trying to make up excuses for why I have felt certain ways.

Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “10 Thoughts During a Good Mental Health Day

  1. Wow, thank you for writing this. I relate to this so, so much. I hadn’t even realised I’d been going through some of those thought process until reading this and then thinking ‘wait, I do that too’.

    Beccah xx

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