Louise Chatters: May

How are we almost half way through the year? Slow down, pls.

I said I was going to have a sober May but that has not happened at all. OH WELL. I would usually beat myself up over this but do ya know what, I have had fun and that’s okay! I had SO many good nights with friends and found myself a new favourite drink. Emma introduced me to a Berry Bramble and my oh my, LIFE = CHANGED.


It also explains why despite working hard in the gym, I haven’t lost any weight. Yes, my body is changing. But at a lot slower rate than I want. And yes, I am aware that is my own fault.

I feel like not much has been happening this month to be honest. The weather has completely changed and for the best part of the month, it has been beautiful. There’s so many more things to do when it’s sunny and everyone just seems to be in a better mood. With the summer starting to show itself, I have been on plenty of walks and the BBQ’s have begun!

Michael and I went to see Grease Lightning at the theatre and it was honestly insane. The whole show was so incredible and it was definitely a night to remember! Is it just me or when you are at a show do you just wish so badly that you could sing and dance and be on stage? I do, all the time.


I really don’t know how my weekly therapy is going to be honest. See when you just don’t know if there’s a difference or not? That’s how I’m feeling. I’ve built a good relationship with my psychiatrist though which is a good feeling. It is good seeing how things in my life have all linked together to make me feel like I do and I understand how they are linked but I just don’t know if it changes anything.

I don’t feel like I have much to report on to be honest. I just feel completely exhausted. Work has been so busy and so have weekends so I feel like I need a good break. Things are good. But I’m tired and I feel like I haven’t had a moment to myself, although I definitely have. I feel like I have hardly written which sucks. I have so many half written posts in my drafts but never get round to finishing them. I also feel like all I have written bout recently is mental health and as much as I love raising awareness and hoping that sharing will help others, I feel like I just keep repeating myself.


Oh my gooodness, it is June and this is the month I’ve been looking forward to the most! It is gonna be good. With me, it’s always the little things in life. In June, I won’t be needing any nights out now that Love Island is on! Absolutely buzzzing! It’s so sad how excited I am for appalling reality TV but I cannot wait!

Butttt… this month I also go to ITALY! I AM SO EXCITED. I cannot wait to visit the beautiful country and eat lots of ice cream and pizza and do lots of exploring.

I have promised myself I am going to eat and drink clean when I get home.

So that’s it for this month. Also, if you have any post ideas for me, pls leave a comment.

Big shout out to one of my favourites, Tyler! She’s going through a tough time but she’s a lil fighter.

Much love,


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