Recently, Michael and I took a trip to Italy which we had been planning for some time. I was so so ecstatic to have some time away from home and work and to just explore and relax. We went to Milan, Florence & Lake Garda and had the most wonderful time. Italy has stolen a big piece of my heart and I will definitely be returning! I wanted to share some of my photos and write about my favourite memories from the trip so that in the future, I can look back and remember. I took quite a few photos so I will split the post into three. And I’ll start with our first stop, which was Milan.

Milan was our first stop. We dropped off our cases and headed into the centre of the city. As soon as we got out of the train station, we were met with the most gorgeous view of the Duomo di Milano. Honestly, this cathedral took my breath away. It was absolutely gorgeous and reminded me of a fairy tale castle. The pictures do not do it justice.


We walked on for ages and just wandered and looked at the sights. We stopped for an ice cream and sat in a massive park and it was so perfect. We came by a massive castle, Sforza Castle. We took a good look around and the architecture was amazing.

Milan was so busy and everyone honestly looked so incredible. I could never imagine how busy it would be during fashion week. It made me feel like I had tourist written all over me. We spent some time shopping and having a good look around the city. All the buildings in the city were absolutely stunning.

I was SO looking forward to eating pizza and pasta for a whole week and the Italians did not disappoint. The food was honestly so glorious. We only stayed in Milan for one day and night so we didn’t get to try many restaurants. I played it safe as it was our first night and got pizza. OH MY. It was heavenly. We also enjoyed the wine!

I had a great time in Milan and it was quite special to me as my Mum spent some time working in Milan when she was younger.

Have you been to Milan? What were your favourite parts?

Much love,


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