As I said in my previous post, recently, Michael and I took a trip to Italy which we had been planning for some time. I was so so ecstatic to have some time away from home and work and to just explore and relax. We went to Milan, Florence & Lake Garda and had the most wonderful time. Italy has stolen a big piece of my heart and I will definitely be returning! I wanted to share some of my photos and write about my favourite memories from the trip so that in the future, I can look back and remember. I took quite a few photos so I have split my trip into three posts. Read about what we got up to in Milan, here.

I honestly did not expect Florence to effect me the way it did. Yes, I was looking forward to it but I never thought I’d fall in love with it. Oh my, Florence is the most beautiful place I have ever been and is now my most favourite place on the planet. It was absolutely STUNNING.


Michael suggested we go on the open top City Sightseeing Tour so we managed to take two different trips over two days, exploring and learning about the city centre and the countryside. The bus allowed us to hop on and hop off so we managed to see so many attractions and sights that we wouldn’t have if we hadn’t taken the tour bus.


There were so many buildings and cathedrals that took my breath away and the pictures could never do them justice.ย The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is without a doubt, the most amazing building I have ever seen. I fell in love with it and we were fortunate enough to spend two evenings dining and having drinks outdoors next to it, with a live band playing as entertainment. There was so so much detail to the building and it was MASSIVE.


The food was UH, just amazing. On the first evening, we found a little restaurant and had the most beautiful pasta with ragu. I absolutely loved being able to eat and drink outdoors at our own pace and spend the evening talking and relaxing. Our second evening in Florence consisted of us eating out at a restaurant belonging to Michael’s family. The decor was beautiful and the food was delicious. We had done so much walking about and exploring during the days so it was so perfect being able to chill out in the evenings as well as still seeing the city.

If you can’t tell, Florence was my favourite part of the trip without a doubt. I would honestly go back in a heartbeat. Our accommodation was only a ten minute walk from the centre and was extremely reasonably priced! Food and drink was not expensive at all, it was about the same as you would pay when out dining in the UK. I definitely would recommend a visit to Florence as it is absolutely beautiful, breathtaking and affordable!


Have you been to Florence?

Much love,



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