If you’ve been on here recently, you’ll know Michael and I took a trip to Italy which we had been planning for some time. I was so so ecstatic to have some time away from home and work and to just explore and relax. We went to Milan, Florence, Pisa & Lake Garda and had the most wonderful time. Italy has stolen a big piece of my heart and I will definitely be returning! I wanted to share some of my photos and write about my favourite memories from the trip so that in the future, I can look back and remember. I took quite a few photos so I have split my trip into four posts. Read about what we got up to in Milan and Florence too!

During our trip to Florence, we decided to hop on the train and take a day trip to Pisa. Michael had warned me that there’s not too much to see in Pisa, and that the main attraction was the tower. So I set off that morning with low expectations.

He was right that we wouldn’t need more than a day there, but I thought it was still absolutely beautiful! We knew we had a wee walk to get from the train station to the leaning tower so ย we stopped for a little drink. On the way, we also did a fair bit of shopping. I absolutely loved all the little alleyways in Pisa and all the streets were so beautiful and quaint. I could have spent hours just wandering around.


To be honest, when we arrived at the leaning tower, I thought it was going to be a lot taller that it was. I never knew that there was a cathedral and baptistery there too but the three of them together looked incredible. It was absolutely heaving busy and it was so funny seeing so many people taking the good old ‘holding the tower up’ picture. It was honestly hilarious and made taking our own photos, so much less cringey and embarrassing.

Cattedrale Metropolitana Primaziale di Santa Maria Assunta and the baptistery were both absolutely stunning both inside and out. We spent some time looking inside both buildings and admiring the detail in the architecture.

Michael went for a wander and told me he had got us tickets to go up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. At the time, I was extremely sun burnt and it was 36 degrees, so there was nothing I wanted to do less than climb the tower. But we did it together and it was SO worth it. It was so strange being inside the tower because you could feel yourself on a slope and you walked up the spiral staircase and got to the top. ย Even at the top is was rather tilted which was really strange when walking around the outside of the tower. The views were absolutely stunning and it was definitely worth the climb!

Have you been to Pisa?

Much love,


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