How I Unwind ft. SENSSE

At least once a week I try to have a mini pamper night to unwind from work and just life in general. This most likely involves the same process as others, a deep conditioning of the hair and a good face mask. Nothing beats feeling chilled! For others, it’s probably not a big deal but for me, it’s an hour where I completely shut myself off from everyone and practise self care. I absolutely love a good pamper and a proper good soak in the bath but unfortunately, our little flat doesn’t have a bath so I try to make up for the relaxing I would do in a bath in other ways.

During my weekly unwind, I take longer on my skin care and give myself that little extra TLC. I absolutely love the feeling of a completely fresh face.When I got the chance to review SENSSE Silicone Facial Cleansing and Exfoliating Brush, I was quite excited because I absolutely love anything that can go with skincare and make you relax at the same time!


When this arrived I was immediately impressed by the packaging. It was so simply yet so modern and definitely gave off the impression of a luxury item. It came with a charger which I think is fab as I can never find batteries for anything! It also came with an extremely sparkly wallet thing that you can keep the brush in but I am not to keen on the style so that’s been put to one side.

If I’m being honest, I was pretty sceptical about the product itself. I didn’t think using a vibrating cleansing brush would add any relaxation or significance to my skin care routine at all but I was wrong.

I used the brush alongside Lush’s 9 to 5 cleanser which was such a great combo. I apply the cleanser as per normal and then switch the brush on and use it in gentle circular motions over my whole face. It’s actually so surprisingly relaxing as if I was getting a massage on my face. You can increase the intensity of the vibration of the brush which as I turned it up, it felt a bit too much but I guess that’s personal preference. I usually use cotton pads to remove my cleanser but I left it on for quite a bit longer when I used the brush and it felt like it was proper absorbing into my skin. I felt so fresh faced after and have used the brush a good few times since! 20630090_10159195835310512_533665048_o

The brush is so easy to clean, especially if you need to wipe away any excess cleanser, however, there was no product left on it once I had used it which I found very impressive. It’s such a handy size and is definitely perfect for travelling!

For me, using the cleansing brush is a bit too much effort to use as part of my everyday skin care routine but that’s because I don’t spend as much time as I probably should. I will continue to use this during my weekly pamper session though as I really enjoyed the effect it had on my skin. Overall, I was so impressed with the SENSSE Silicone Facial Cleansing and Exfoliating Brush!

What do you do to unwind? Is skin care part of it?

Much love,


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