Will I give up?

I’ve always put off joining a weight loss club of any sort cos I’ve always been determined to do it on my own. HAH. Doesn’t work for me. When one of my friends had been successfully losing weight after joining Slimming World, I was so tempted to start. But there was absolutely no chance in hell I was going to weekly group weigh ins so I decided I’d do it online. I’ve been absolutely loving it so far and it has added so much food to my diet that I wouldn’t have even touched before! I’m really enjoying cooking absolutely everything from scratch and it’s definitely a lifestyle and not a diet! It takes a lot of organisation but I’m determined this time!

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s not been easy. Sometimes I really just want some greasy food and to pig out but I’ve only slipped up a few times! I’ve struggled when it comes to eating out with friends etc so on days that I’ve done so, I just try and have a smaller meal for dinner if I’ve been out for lunch. I’m just not one of these people that can go out and order a salad when there’s so many things I’d rather have on the menu. Like, how can you say no to a mug of chilli and garlic bread? But that’s my weakness and I need to work on that. But baby steps. Will I give up trying to change things? Hopefully not this time.


I think when changing your lifestyle like this you need to have the correct mentality to do so which I have always struggled with. It’s bloody hard. Especially when you can’t see change and feel absolutely no different. I know it’s a long process and these things don’t happen over night and as Elliot keeps reminding me ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint.’

For someone who has to have long term plans, I find it IMPOSSIBLE to see where I want to be with my body and relationship with food. I feel like I’ll never get there because to be honest, I’ve never been there before. And that can be scary but should also be exciting. Googling pictures of what you want your end goal to be DOES NOT WORK. I also am absolutely TERRIFIED of change so I’ve found changing my lifestyle pretty difficult. I’ve been changing little things at a time so hopefully these little changes will be here  to stay. This is why I am writing this post, because if I’ve shared it then I’ll have more motivation to keep going.


Weight loss aside, changing your attitude towards anything can be quite a struggle. For some people, it can be quite simple but for others like myself, it takes proper hard work and determination. In my next post, I’m going to share some tips on how I have changed my attitude, and not just towards my lifestyle.

Do you find changing your attitude difficult?

Much love,


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