Louise Chatters August

August has been busy but I feel like I’ve been saying that for the past few months. I now have a few days off as annual leave and I am so excited to get some rest.

I got to start the month in THE best way possible and got to meet one of the greatest people ever, Laura! She was in Edinburgh for the week so we planned to meet up and it was such a good day. When I meet new people my mind goes crazy, overthinking the silliest things like, how long are we gonna spend together? What if I’m boring? But honestly, I knew I shouldn’t have worried because Laura is an absolute gem. We spent the whole day together and from the get go it was so natural. I honestly laughed so much and it was so great to finally meet her and I know it won’t be the last we see of each other! We went to the most amazing chocolate cafe and then went for a dander and then for a drink at an outside bar watching live music. Such a GREAT day.


Because Elliot and I are keeping on our flat for another year, I decided to make the living room a bit more homely for us since we both absolutely hated the big minging rug and green pillows that made the place feel so ew. I don’t know why we never did anything about it before but there’s only so much you can do when you’re renting a fully furnished place. So I got new cushion covers, a new rug and added some things to make it cosy for the autumn and winter months. I want a big piece of modern art or a large print for the main wall because our ceilings are so high that it feels so empty so hit me up if you have any recommendations (not too expensive obvs.)


As I said last moth, I started Slimming World and I’m actually enjoying it so much! I’m not going to the groups or anything because that’s just not me but I’m doing it online. I have officially lost a stone which has taken its time because I have been drinking like a fish when socialising. So my goal for the next month is to cut out the alcohol and hopefully the weight will keep coming off. I’ve managed to get regular exercise back in my life and have been mixing it up and trying new things so I’m looking forward to seeing progress.




I’ve been trying my best to clear out lots of stuff in the last month as I’ve realised it really calms me and makes me feel like I’ve achieved something. I even put together a post on my top 5 tips to declutter your life. I feel like my own personal space is the way I want it now and it feels so relaxing. Which has honestly worked wonders for my mental health.



Talking of mental health, therapy has been going well and we talk about lots of things and how I had no idea they were a part of my life. So that’s good I think. I don’t really like going into too much details about my sessions because the stuff I talk about is things that I never say out loud and it can make me feel vulnerable.

During the last weekend of the month, a group of my uni friends got together for drinks and it was SO good. It was amazing seeing everyone and even though we don’t get to see each other all the time, it’s so worth it when we do. Many stories were told and much gin was drunk.



September is gonna be a busy month at work but hopefully other aspects will quieten down a bit. But then again, I will probably make too many plans.

How has your month been?

Much love,


One thought on “Louise Chatters August

  1. I always love these kind of posts where you do a mini update on what’s happening on life! I hope you have a lovely time off and also good luck with slimming world! A stone already is impressive!

    Alys | alysgeorge.blogspot.co.uk


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