How to make a house a home when you’re renting

Living in rented accommodation can be frustrating. I mean, of course, I am very grateful I can afford to rent a place, many people can’t. But it’s an absolute pain not being able to decorate the rooms. My bedroom is currently my safe place and it’s where I go to relax and switch off.

I feel like I am not really an adult until I spend more time in the living room than my bedroom. I read in my bedroom, watch telly in my bedroom and spend more time in my bed than I should. I feel like when I am not in rented accommodation, I won’t spend as much time in my bedroom and use it for it’s original purpose: sleeping.

You can make it as homely as possible with cushions and accessories but I feel like a place won’t be completely mine until I can actually decorate it with the furnishings I want. I probably sound like an arse but I just cannot wait until the day I can do anything I want when decorating my home. In the mean time, I try to surround myself with accessories and home ware that makes me happy.


I have added quite a few bits to my flat to try and make it more ‘me.’ Like fairy lights. And lots of them. Cushions are always a win, but I don’t spend a fortune on them as I’d love to wait until I can create a colour scheme in my own place. I try to make my rented flat as cosy as possible and stick to a theme as much as I can. Ideally, I want to have real plants in my home but until then, I have settled with fake plants.


Frames and candles are always a winner when trying to make somewhere more personal. I have candles everywhere and it just makes the place a bit more me. At the weekends if I’m just chilling out alone, I make myself a wee reading corner with blankets, throws and cushions. This is to try and stop me spending as much time in my bed which has really been working. I still get the cosiness and comfort and it looks cute.



I don’t think I will have a television in my bedroom when I move out of rented accommodation as I want to use my bedroom solely for sleeping. But it’s definitely great at the moment for watching Netflix and DVD’s in bed.


Of course I have a bookcase in my room. I cannot wait to buy a bigger and more sturdy one when I move out next year. But this one is great for the time being in a rented flat as it doesn’t take up too much room, holds a television and books! I use the top shelf as more of a display shelf which I have a little trinket dish with my watch and rings that I wear daily. Little details like this really do make a place more personal.


Most landlords do not take kindly to putting things on the walls without their permission or justification. Our ceilings are quite high so the walls seem extremely bare without anything on them. I want some pieces of artwork framed when I move into my own place so I thought I’d try and make the room more ‘me’ by filling the wall with prints from some very talented creators  (Dorkface Shop , That’s so Lame & Desenio).The little hangings on my wall all have sentimental value to me as they were gifted to me by friends. I try and buy inspiration quotes that I can relate to along with anything that really jumps out at me.

I think it’s so important so add personal touches to your living space even when you’re renting. How do you decorate your rented accommodation?

Much love,



7 thoughts on “How to make a house a home when you’re renting

  1. Hiya, we too are in rented accommodation and the walls are all plasterboard 😦
    We have used the Command ‘no nails hanging’ products and found them amazing! We now have really lovely wall art and our home feels very homely x


  2. I love the little hangings on your wall, that’s such a good idea for decoration! I also got some prints in my room and I got a cat print from the Dorkface shop, it’s so cute! I can’t wait to have my own place, either, being able to choose your furniture makes such a difference. You definitely made the best of the situation though, your room looks really cosy! xx


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