Caring for my hair ft. Xtava Hair Straightener

When I’m having a proper chilled out self care night and I actually have the energy to wash my hair, I go all out and even blow dry my hair. I don’t use much heat on my hair to be honest, I have a natural wave that I either embrace on good hair days or tolerate it on bad hair days. I occasionally straighten my hair and when I do it makes me feel great. I love how soft my hair is when it’s straightened and it feels all swooshy.

I was given the opportunity to review the Xtava Hair Straighteners. I was a bit sceptical about trying these out and never thought they’d be very good. I’ve always been so loyal to my GHD’s and I just didn’t think these cheaper alternatives would actually straighten my hair properly. I judged them on their price and I honestly thought that they would be rubbish and my hair would be wavy again in the next hour. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well these Extava straighteners worked.

To start with, I really loved the packaging! I think it’s really simple but attractive, especially for such a cheap pair of straighteners.


These straighteners come in a bag that you can store them which can be used as a heat mat. The straightening iron itself, has wide plates which is ideal for people with thicker hair as it doesn’t take as long as it would to straighten your hair with thin plates.


My hair is pretty thick and the wide plates allowed extra room for my hair and it took me less than 5 minutes to straighten the whole lot. I had washed my hair the night before and had left it to dry naturally so my hair was quite wavy. I thought it was going to take a good half hour to straighten my full head as I didn’t have much faith in the iron.


I couldn’t believe how quickly the iron heated up. They allow you to select the temperature of your choice from 130 to 230 degrees, I selected the hottest setting as I honestly didn’t think even that setting would be effective. When the iron is heating up, it has a digital display that shows the temperature rising until it reaches the temperature you want – up to 230. They took less than a minute to heat up to the highest temperature which I was super impressed with.

22047240_10159442088170512_1570999986_o (1)

I thought I would have to separate my hair into 3 sections to straighten it but I never. I did a quick once over and then I separated it into two layers and went over it again. And it was completely straight. I honestly couldn’t get over how little time it took me to straighten my full head! My hair actually stayed straight until the next day which I was surprised about as it usually gets super messy over night. There’s over 24 hours difference in these two photos and I never had to go over it once!


The Extava hair straightener gets a 10/10 so far from me and I don’t think you need to be spending any more than £30 on hair straighteners if you can pick these up. They work just as well as my high end ones but they retail at only £29.99. There is honestly no difference at all. Hopefully they last as long as well!

For your chance to win a free pair of these fantastic Extava straighteners, fill out the form below!

Do you straighten your hair?

Much love,









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