Brighten a room with Home Bargains Flowers

Nothing brightens up a home like a vase full of colourful flowers. I love adding a bit of colour to a room without having to commit too much. Filling my safe place with smells and decor that make me happy is something I love doing. Flowers and plants really make an environment more calming and peaceful for me. I rarely get the chance to buy a bouquet of flowers so when I was fortunate enough to get sent these beautiful flowers from Home Bargains Flowers to review, I was so happy.

The first thing I want to comment on is the appearance of the bouquet. The range of oriental lilies, shamrock blossoms, lisianthus, purple statice and palm work perfectly together! My living room is a neutral room so these beautiful flowers add a pop of colour and really brighten the place up. The bouquet didn’t take up too much room which I appreciated as I don’t have too much space. They sat beautifully on my fireplace.


Usually, I get about five days maximum out of a bunch of flowers but I was so surprised when even a week after receiving these, they were still absolutely beautiful and fresh. I think that these are the longest lasting flowers I have ever had in my home. I just couldn’t believe how long they lasted! I changed the water twice so I think that must have helped.


I was also so chuffed that they also came with a vase which my bouquet fit in perfectly as I only have two tall, thin vases.

I’d 100% recommend ordering from Home Bargains Flowers whether it’s for yourself or a loved one. The next time I want to send someone flowers as a gift, I will definitely be ordering from there as I know they won’t disappoint. I have now had the bouquet for 2 weeks today and all the flowers are still alive and the lilies have opened up! Extremely impressed.

To have a look at the bouquets Home Bargains Flowers have to offer, click here.

Do you like having flowers around the house?

Much love,



9 thoughts on “Brighten a room with Home Bargains Flowers

  1. First of all, the little pumpkin candle holder (I’m presuming) is so cute?! 😍 These flowers are gorgeous though, and I can’t believe they lasted a week which is crazy! I never buy flowers for myself, and rarely have them bought for me, but I might send the link to my boyfriend as a hint.. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

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  2. This is one of my favourite colour combinations: blues, purples, whites and greens. So simple but so stylish. I had no idea Home Bargains did flower deliveries – I’ll have to head over to their site (thanks for the link!) and check them out now 🙂 X

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