Louise Chatters: October

I know everybody says it but how on earth is it November already? I had a kinda busy October and I’ve got a very busy November ahead so that’s very exciting!

At the beginning of the month Michael and I went to see IT at the cinema and it was so so wonderful. It was hilarious and I really enjoyed it.

I also stocked up on my craft supplies for my handmade Christmas cards and I’m so excited to start making them next month! I’ve picked 3 designs this year and I just love sending loved ones hand crafted cards.



Michael and I both went to my hometown for the weekend which was SO amazing. We stayed with Megan and Drew and had such a great time. They were such good hosts. We went out for a lovely meal with my family and it was a brilliant night. On the Sunday, we went to Hollie’s little one’s christening and it was honestly so so lovely. It was great catching up with everyone and I had such a fantastic weekend.

I had a couple of quiet weekends during the month which was needed. I watched some Halloween films and did some blogging. ALSO, I have been absolutely loving blogging and writing this month which makes me super happy.

Karina came down the last weekend of the month and we had a lovely chilled night with some wine and snacks. And then on the Saturday, we did some shopping and then went through to Glasgow to go to Tom Fletcher’s new book tour. Karina is like a McFly super fan so she has met him so many times but I was honestly so nervous. I had such an amazing time though and Tom was an absolute honey.

SO. I feel like I have made a big life decision this month and I have decided to apply for a Masters course. Never did I think I would go and study again but I have realised that when I think about what I want to do with my life, it always goes back to promoting mental health. If I actually want to work in the field, I have no idea. But I know that I want to have that option. So I am applying to study a MSc in Psychology conversion. If I manage to get accepted to the course, then I’ll be doing an online distance learning course with the University of the Highlands and Islands. Writing a personal statement is so much effort and I have no idea how 17 year old me did it.

What have you been up to this month?

Much love,


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