The Autumn Tag

Last year when I started blogging, I remember completing ‘The Autumn Tag’ and I was so excited when the lovely Maisie tagged me this year. And the questions are different! Okay, so I know it’s passed Halloween and some of the questions are based on that but I still wanted to give it a bash!

What is your favourite autumnal lip colour?

There’s nothing I love more than a berry lip! My favourite this year is a Barry M lipstick I have which goes perfectly with most outfits.

What is your favourite autumnal nail colour?

I still love having pale/neutral nails in Autumn but I do sometimes go a bit darker with a dark purple or burgundy.



Favourite autumn drink?

Just normal coffee which is my favourite every day of the year? Is that an answer? If we were going for seasonal drinks, the cafe at my work does a Honeycomb Hot Chocolate which is incredible. It is so yummy and gives me a little sugar fix.


Favourite autumn candle?

My friend Katie got me a cinnamon/gingerbread scented candle from Anthropologie for Christmas last year and it’s honestly the most beautiful scent ever. It’s more of a Christmassy scent but I didn’t start burning it until this autumn because it was so strong that it could make my room smell amazing without even lighting it.

Favourite autumn accessory?

Woolly hats for sure! It’s started to get really chilly now so I was so excited to get my hats and scarves out. I think my favourite hat will always be a big woolly white one from American Eagle.

Haunted house or scary maze?

Haunted house for sure! I absolutely love creepy stuff like that. As long as it’s not on my own. I don’t have the patience for a maze and I’d get bored and give up.

Favourite Halloween movie?

It has to be Halloween of course. Michael Myers is creepy AF and I absolutely love this film!


Favourite Halloween sweets?

Eh all sweets?

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

I left it super last minute, as always so decided to go as an alien/intergalactic/galaxy themed thing. I pretty much did loads of purple sparkly make up and had my hair in space buns.

What’s your favourite thing about autumn?

I love that the air is so crisp and it’s cold outside. The colours and leaves are all amazing of course but I think my favourite thing is when it’s so cold outside and you’re all cosy inside watching a movie or reading a book!

I absolutely loved writing this post so thank you Maisie!

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?


Much love,


9 thoughts on “The Autumn Tag

  1. Honeycomb Hot Chocolate sounds absolutely incredible – I tried Costa’s Billionaires Hot Chocolate the other day, and it was so, so good! 😍 I’m a huge fan of wholly hats too, they’re just so cute and I love being toasty warm.. 🙊

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  2. This was so fun and festive to read! I did a different autumn tag on my blog so it was cool to see the different questions you answered. That candle sounds like it would smell amazing! I don’t like the taste of gingerbread but I looooove the smell and look of it. And I’ve never heard of a honeycomb hot chocolate before but now I NEED to try one!

    My favorite thing about autumn would probably be the cooler weather. It’s hot most of the year where I live so m always so relieved when I can start wearing long sleeves or sweaters! 😊


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