‘Calling Out’ Culture

Before I start my mini rant, I want to address that in no way am I ‘sticking up’ for anybody or justifying people’s actions. BUT. We really need to stop calling out people for things they have done in their past. Your past is your past for a reason. In light of recent events, I have done a lot of reflecting on how people use social media and how it is negatively effecting people. I’m sure you’ve all seen the uproar that Zoella’s beauty advent calendar has caused and I’m also sure you have your own opinion on it. I feel like this sort of negative attention is a given when it comes to people’s opinions of overpriced products. Zoella’s calendar is not the first time I’ve seen it and I’m 100% sure that it won’t be the last.

But as a lot of things do, it went way beyond the price of a calendar. Again, it is not the first time I’ve seen this happen and won’t be the last. People went out their way to pick  up on things that had been posted on social media years ago. If that’s how you best use your time, fair enough but if you dislike someone that much, why put in so much effort thinking about them? I just don’t understand. Everyone changes as they grow older and I can assure you that what someone said over 5 years ago, is most likely completely irrelevant now. When I think back to opinions I had all those years ago, I cringe because I was so immature and so uneducated. Times also change and different topics and aspects of life become more important. Something that is relevant in today’s society may not have had as much emphasis on it as it has now. We need to remember that before ‘calling people out.’

Where has this ‘calling out’ culture even come from? When did it start? On a daily basis, I see people calling out somebody for something they don’t agree with. Everyone has different opinions and I encourage a healthy discussion but that’s not what my timeline is filled with. People have turned nasty. What could be a normal discussion between two people with different opinions has turned in to name calling and trolling. Far too many extra people also get involved which is so unnecessary. We need to remember that even if you disagree with someone, if you turn nasty, your words will hurt people.

I’ll put my hand up and admit that I’m guilty of wanting to call out people for nasty things they’ve said online and maybe I, myself have probably said things on social media that I have not thought about how it would effect other people. However, I have never once thought about ever calling someone a nasty name. These things are completely out of proportion.

Lets try and create more of a friendly environment and promote healthy discussion and not nastiness.


Much love,



5 thoughts on “‘Calling Out’ Culture

  1. This is such a timely post. I’m feeling quite sad at the amount of trolling going on in my Twitter feed at the moment, it’s not what I thought social media was all about. I’m all for raising grievances but discreetly and privately, not for the whole world to see and weigh in with their (probably not fully informed) opinions. This whole calling out and blame culture has got way out of hand. I think more people should pause and reflect how they would feel before hitting the send button. Great post, Louise. X

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com


  2. I totally agree with everything you’ve said here, I agree that the advent calendar is over priced and I get that people are annoyed and upset about it and airing that opinion is fine, but that’s completely different when people start being nasty towards her and pulling up those tweets from years ago! People need to think how they would feel if someone did that to them! The same goes for any other of these situations that keep popping up everywhere

    Ellie x



  3. I completely agree with everything you said here, and it’s made me kind of sad to see it all over my timeline recently! I keep seeing the argument – ‘she was twenty at the time she made those comments’ – but that doesn’t not make her a different person, society in general was a lot different seven, eight years ago and I guarantee that in eight years time, when I’m her age, I’ll look back at my twenties and think ‘Why the hell did I say or do that?!’ I love this post! 🖤


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