The Year of Stabilising

I set myself the annual stereotypical resolutions at the beginning of the year and guess what? I didn’t achieve any of them. I would usually beat myself up about ‘failing’ but this year, I honestly couldn’t care less.

For me, 2017 has brought to light the important things in life and I feel that is a big factor in my more relaxed attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to achieve quite a few of the goals I had set myself this year but, I am now in the mindset that it doesn’t matter how long they should take to achieve. Not to sound cliche, but I am without a doubt, the happiest I have been in a long long time. Yeah, of course there’s stuff that I’d love to be different but there are also things that can’t be changed and I have learned to not dwell on the things that cannot be amended.

The one thing that I never set a goal for this year was controlling my mental health. This was for obvious reasons, how on earth can I control it being the main one. For the first time in years, I feel stable. Yes, I still have bad days and even bad weeks but I can almost always remember that these thoughts and feelings will pass soon. I can confidently say that I have changed so much this year and have a little bit of a hold over my once uncontrollable moods. I say little because I know that I do still struggle a lot to control how I feel and this is just how my mind works.

I am so so happy with the people in my life at the moment. I have a handful of people I can constantly rely on and who make me so happy. Like most years, you start off with different people being in your life than when the year comes to an end. And for once, I’m completely okay with that.

I have had such an incredibly fun year and have been on so many little adventures. At the beginning of the year, Michael took me to Paris for a long weekend and it was wonderful finally getting to explore a culture I know so much about. My highlight of the year was definitely our trip to Italy. I didn’t expect it to have such a hold on me but honestly, that place has stole a massive place in my heart.

It doesn’t seem like I’ve done much at all this year but I honestly am the happiest I’ve been in a long time. How has your year been?


Much love,


2 thoughts on “The Year of Stabilising

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling so happy, who cares how long it takes to achieve your goals as long as you’re enjoying life and taking care of yourself!


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