*We’re going through changes…*

Did you sing like Ozzy and Kelly Osborne to the title? Please say you did.

I have no idea how it has gotten to May and I have only posted once on my blog since January. I used to have so much to say that you couldn’t shut me up on here. Oh how times change.

The truth is, I just don’t feel like I have had anything to write about. Life has been busy and I feel like I have had loads going on . So I thought I’d write a wee update post to try and make my life sound exciting.

I turned 24 last month and I am feeling very adult. Well, I am trying to anyway. I had a hellla good weekend at home to celebrate and me and my gals went on a two day bender in denial that we are getting old. How did I only get like 3 photos from the whole weekend? But apart from that weekend, I have been slightly productive in other ways that you can’t notice until the tasks are complete. For example, I’m still learning to drive and finding it absolutely terrifying but I am getting there!



OH YEAH, I was discharged from Psychodynamic Therapy after 18 months of weekly sessions. It is surreal not having therapy anymore but I am so chuffed with myself. I have a drafted post on all my thoughts and feels about that so if that’s you’re kinda thing, watch this space.


Oh and yeah, WE BOUGHT A BLOODY HOUSE. I honestly cannot believe I will be a homeowner in September. Michael and I were having a nosey at a few new developments in the area and ended up falling in love with a show home. So instead of waiting about and missing out on a place that we had truly fallen for, we got the ball rolling and reserved our house that will be built by September! I feel so adult now. I am very excited to be able to actually decorate to my own tastes and not what the landlord enjoys.


Also, two of my friends got puppers and I know that is not a personal life update but Dottie and Lexi are both making me so happy so had to share with ya.

My best friend got engaged in November and asked me to be her maid of honour so I have been planning hen weekends and doing lots of weddingy things which is super fun. We went dress shopping last weekend to have a wee browse and she said yes to the dress and I know for sure she is going to be the most beautiful bride ever!


This seems like it’s been the most boring update post ever but I promise there will be much more exciting content when we have our house!

Much love,


One thought on “*We’re going through changes…*

  1. Happy birthday for last month, I hope you had a fabulous weekend celebrating! Buying a house is super exciting and scary as well, time will fly between now and September.. 🙊


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