May Favourites

Another month, another bunch of great products, telly and music! Here’s what I was loving throughout May.




Barry M / Matte Me Up / Liquid Lip Paint

I was going to try out one of the Barry M lip kits but there were none in stock when I hit Superdrug. So I went for the next best thing and bought the lip paint itself. I didn’t expect much from it but oh my, it’s one of my favourites to wear. It’s so light when applied which I really appreciate in a lip paint as I hate when they feel very heavy on your lips.


Estee Lauder / Double Wear Stay in Place /Foundation

I have been so reluctant to buy this for ages because of the price. Like, what if I spend £30 and don’t like it after a couple of uses? I bit the bullet at the end of last month and bought it. I LOVE IT SO MUCHHH. I have oily skin so the chalky, dryness when the foundation is on you works a treat. It honestly lasts all day. Double wear is full coverage which I need to cover my uneven skin. It’s easy enough to put a little less on if you don’t want as much as a build up. I’m using the shade 1N1 and it honestly matches my skin perfectly. I honestly couldn’t recommend this foundation enough, it’s definitely worth the money. The only thing that’s frustrating is that it doesn’t have a pump so I often find myself poring out too much.


Too Faced / Better Than Sex / Mascara

This mascara has been on my wish list for months now. My friend Sophie was kind enough to get it for my birthday and I absolutely love it. If there’s one thing I’m picky about, it’s mascara so I was scared that it wouldn’t live up to the hype surrounding the product. I really like the brush in this mascara and it both curls and lengthens them. I’m somebody who layers their mascara and with this one, I don’t need to as much. I still use it along with Soap and Glory’s Thick and Fast mascara to darken my lashes.



Lush / Beautiful / Shower Gel

I absolutely love this shower gel. It’s such a beautful, fresh, summery scent and leaves me feeling so refreshed in the mornings. The bottle comes with such a lovely caption and I think that’s why I love it so much: ‘You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face.’



Primark / Pink Embroidered Sandles

I seen these on my Instagram feed and knew I had to get them for my holiday. When I seen they were from Primark I doubted that Stirling Primark would sell them as there is much less of a range. However, to my surprise they had them in stock and at only £6 as well! I absolutely love these and I think they can dress up an outfit so much. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing them!

Image result for born to kill channel 4

Born To Kill / Channel 4

Four-part drama about an apparently model teenager with hidden psychological issues. A haunting exploration of the mind of Sam, a teenager who’s on the verge of acting out hidden psychopathic desires.

Somebody at work had mentioned this was on telly and I just had to watch it. I absolutely love any psychological thriller and this was no different. The plot was absolutely incredible. I would warn you though that it is quite a disturbing program and there are a lot of very gory scenes.

 Harry Styles, Harry Styles

Harry Styles / Harry Styles

I’m not gonna lie, when Sign of the Times entered the charts I wasn’t impressed at all. The first few plays didn’t do much for me at all so I wasn’t fussed at all about the album coming out. I thought I’d give it a chance though when I was doing my house work one day. I was far too quick to judge by the one single that had been released because the album is absolutely AMAZING. It is just so relaxed and chilled out. If you haven’t given it a listen, I urge you to do so. I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

What have you been loving this month?

Much love,



Blogmas Day 5 November Favourites

Since starting my blog, I’ve done a monthly favourites post so I thought, just because it’s Blogmas doesn’t mean I have to miss this post out. It might even give you some ideas for presents for people or a treat for yourself.



Barry M Matte // Lipstick // Shade 179 // £4.99

OK, I’m gonna put my hands up and confess that I have not bought anything from Barry M in about 8 years because it reminds me of the gold glitter eyeliner I wore in high school and I mean, I just cannot get over how horrendous that trend was. I bit the bullet in Superdrug one day and tried a couple of their products. This is hands down my most used lipstick. I bought this at the beginning of November and I’ve hardly left the house without it on. The pigmentation of this lipstick is incredible. It applies really well! When I wear matte lipstick, my lips dry out so easily and it frustrates me so much as I love a matte lip. This is one of the only matte lipsticks which I don’t have the dry lip problem with!


Palmers // Cocoa Butter // Hand Cream // £2.10

Okay, so the weather has changed so much in this past month and it is so so bitterly cold. This is when my skin needs some extra TLC. I absolutely love this hand cream, you just need the smallest of blobs and the smell is AMAZING. This hand cream is like most of Palmer’s products and is quite thick so it well and truly lasts!



Seventeen // Matte Lipstick // Shade ‘Rioja your world’  // £4.49

I absolutely LOVE this lipstick. I have never used one of Seventeen’s lipsticks before so wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, I absolutely love it! The shade ‘Rioja your world’ is so bold and it’s honestly not like me to wear such a bold lip but I cannot get enough of it! It applies so easily for a matte lipstick (sometimes I feel like matte lips need forced to glide along your lips, but not this one.) The colour is so well pigmented and although it has to be applied a couple of times a day, it is so worth it!



Barry M // Flawless Colour Corrector // Primer // £5.99

I have never been able to find a primer I love as much as the primer from Smashbox. But since I’m trying to not spend as much money, I refused to spend £26 on a primer. So, whilst browsing the Barry M shelves, their primers caught my eye. They have a primer for pretty much every type of skin which I was so impressed by. I went for the green one which reduces redness and blemishes. I honestly think I have found my new primer until I can afford to treat myself to Smashbox. It applies so well and my skin feels so smooth.



Lancome // La Vie est Belle // Body Cream // £50

Okay, this body cream is absolute beautiful. I use it in the mornings and I can still smell the perfume on me by lunch time. The cream is a beaut pink colour and is so fresh. My skin is so soft once I’ve used this cream and I love it!



Max Factor // Bronzing Powder // Golden // £6.99

I honestly swear by this bronzer. I’ve been using this stuff for over a year now and recently bought a new one and it reminded me how much I love it.  It’s so well pigmented that you need the smallest amount on your brush for an everyday look. And obviously that little bit more if you’re going on a night out or an event or something. I think the packaging makes it look more expensive than it is which is great for a high street product. It is honestly fantastic. I am so loyal to this bronzer and it would take a lot for me to change.


What were your favourite products this month?

Much love,



Blogmas Day 2 : Gift Guide for Her

One of my favourite things about Christmas is giving. I absolutely love getting presents for people and seeing their reaction when it’s something they love.

I’ve put together a small selection of gifts that I would buy for some of the gals in my life. These gifts are more ‘add on’ items or gifts that you would buy if you were just not 100% sure what to get. I usually ask the person I’m buying for what they would like so these are extras I would buy. Not quite stocking gifts but some could pass for them too!



The Happiness Planner // £20

I absolutely love The Happiness Planner. I had wanted one of these for so long and my friends got me one for my birthday. The planner itself is absolutely gorgeous and it just makes you want to write in it everyday! The planner is designed to help you grow, to work on your personal happiness and self development. I honestly recommend this so much if you are stuck with ideas for presents as it is just such a thoughtful gift.



Soft Striped Scarf // Zara // £20

Who doesn’t love a Zara scarf? I absolutely adore my scarves from Zara as they are so thick and cosy and just so soft. Absolutely perfect for the winter weather.






The Great British Bathe Off // Prezzy Box // £8.95

This is like my two favourite things combined – The Great British Bake Off and baths! These bath melts are absolutely gorgeous and look just like cupcakes! And I bet they smell absolutely gorgeous! So perfect for those in your life who love all things baking and enjoy some good old TLC and pampering.





Nails Inc Gift Set // John Lewis // £20

Uh, I absolute adore this little nail set from Nails Inc. I love a pink nail and in the festive season, adding that bit of gold sparkle is gorgeous! Also, the little cosmetic bag that comes with it is just adorable. And yes, prosecco is always the answer!





Personalised Memory Book // Not on the Highstreet // £19

There is nothing more special than receiving a gift that has been in someway, personalised. I know a fair few people who absolutely love travelling and this would be a perfect gift for them to keep all their memories together! And the design is just gorgeous.





Sass & Belle Copper Jewellery stand // Asos // £10.00

I am a big copper fan so anything that is copper is an absolute yes from me! Jewellery stands are so so useful. I have two of them myself to keep my bracelets and necklaces together.






Too Faced Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette // Debenhams // £39

I think this gift is self-explanatory. This palette has the most amazing reviews and it is incredible. And it smells delicious.




Lace Clutch Bag // Accessorize // £32cluthch

I think this little clutch bag is absolutely gorgeous. And a girl can never have enough bags right?






Droplet Birthstone Ring // Pandora // £40

If you know me well enough, I swear by Pandora. Especially the rings. They make up most of my jewellery collection! I think these birthstone rings are absolutely gorgeous. And you don’t need to get the stone of your birth month. I have the August one and my birthday is in April (my mummas birthday was in August so kinda makes sense.)




Have you got any ideas for gifts for any females in your life? Send me a link if so, I’d love to see other ideas!


22 sleeps til Christmas!

Much love,




Kiko Milano Haul

It’s the time of year when everyone is transforming their make up from a summer to autumn look. I’m kinda caught in the middle here because I really don’t suit a dark berry lip at all. So, I decided I was going to go lipstick shopping online one evening and that turned into a mini Kiko haul. And none of the lip products I bought were the autumnal shades I was meant to be shopping for, good job Louise. I thought I’d review the products I bought so here goes.

Also, please excuse my horrendous eye bags in the photo below, (It also looks kinda creepy.) If anyone has any recommendations on concealers that will be good for these designer handbags (they’re that bad) then PLZ PLZ PLZ comment.





Kiko / Unmeasurable Length Fibres Extension Effect / Mascara / £9.90

I’ve mentioned before that I’m SO fussy when it comes to mascara. This was recommended to me by my friend Karina who knows how fussy I am. I didn’t have high expectations for this product as I never do with ANY mascaras that I haven’t tried before. But boy, this is so good! It definitely gives you ‘unmeasurable length.’  There’s nothing I love more than long, thick eyelashes. I was so impressed with how long my lashes got using this however, I did have to use a good few coats. I never use just one mascara so I paired it with Soap and Glory’s Thick and Fast which together, did the most perfect job! I absolutely love it! The brush is such a good shape for lengthening your lashes and making sure they are even and not clumpy at all!

(In this photo, I used the Kiko mascara only to show you what it looks like on its own.)


Okay, so the reason I was shopping was for lip products. And look, none of the shades are autumnal. But I absolutely love lipstick so I still couldn’t resist! The samples are in order of the products reviewed.




Kiko / Smart Lipstick / Lipstick / £3.90

I know we are in Autumn but I really loved this colour so I thought I’d go for it anyway. I got it in the shade 902 Pastel Pink. The lipstick applies really well and you don’t need much for the colour to really come through! It doesn’t last as long on your lips as I’d like but it does last a lot longer than the gloss which is mentioned later. I got the lip liner that’s a similar shade and they are fab together. It actually looks like I have a top lip! And, it is such a good price! Under £4, I mean, I don’t mind reapplying a good few times for a lipstick that cost me so little in a shade that I absolutely love! ALSO, so strange I know, but I have this weird thing that lipsticks have to smell really good. It’s so strange, but yeah. This smells INCREDIBLE.


Kiko / Smart Lip Pencil / Lip liner /£2.50

Okay, I’ve actually never really used lip liner much before but I have now been converted! I have a really thin top lip which is honestly the most frustrating thing when applying lip sticks. I got the lip liner in the shade 701 Pearly Pink Peony to compliment the lipstick  I got. It applies very easily and has made my lips stand out so much compared to usual. *Cue lip pencil shopping spree.*


Kiko / Urban Sheen / Lip gloss / £4.90

I went for this in shade 03 Glamour Magnolia. I was a little disappointed when it arrived as it wasn’t as dark as I imagined. Normally this wouldn’t bother me too much but I’m trying to grow my darker lipstick collection. Despite my disappointment with the colour, this product is good. It says it’s a gloss but it is definitely a lip crayon which makes it so much more easy to apply! Especially as my top lip is pretty much non-existent, a lip product that is easy to apply becomes my best friend. It is definitely not a glossy texture either, which kinda makes it even better! I’d say the main downfall with this product is that it doesn’t last long. You have to reapply every hour at least which can be quite frustrating. But definitely a great product for £4.90!


So yeah, although none of these products were actually what I was shopping for, I’m actually really enjoying using them! Have you tried any Kiko products? Is there any you would recommend?


Much love,




September Favourites

It’s finally AUTUMN! YAY to red lips, wooly scarves and cosy nights in. I’ve been SO SO busy this month on weekends away visiting friends and have hardly had any time for shopping which upsets me. I can’t wait until this weekend to finally get into town! Although, I have still managed to fit in some shopping for essentials. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite purchases from the past month. Excuse my shittttty photography skills.

Soap and Glory / Thick n Fast / Mascara / £10.50

When it comes to mascara I am so so fussy and a bit of a snob. I am obsessed with my eyelashes, they are my babies. They have to be long, dark and thick. I don’t get extensions or anything, I just rely on mascara which is really such a godsend. I got this mascara in a Soap and Glory gift set from my best gal Karina for Christmas last year however, I had never even opened it until this month. Well, that was very silly of me. This mascara changes lives. I swear to god it is incredible. I’m always so sceptical about new mascaras but I was running out of my every day one so I thought I’d give this one a chance. Honestly, it lengthens your lashes so much and is a jet black colour which makes your lashes look so much thicker. I use an old mascara brush to separate my lashes after I’ve applied this mascara as occasionally it can clump them together (which can be a little annoying.) Once I’ve separated them I’m good to go! I’d definitely recommend this mascara to anyone!


Lush /American Cream / Conditioner / £9.95

OHMYLORD. I am in love. My flatmate surprised me with this one weekend because he’s adorable and remembered that I had been going on about wanting to try out a Lush conditioner for ages. I’m honestly not too fussy when it comes to hair products but it has to smell good. However, my scalp doesn’t like a lot of shampoos and conditioners. It’s my own fault though, because I have the most horrible habit and when I’m anxious I pick and scratch my scalp. Disgusting, I know. Anyways, doing this makes my head really stingy and within two weeks I need to use a new product. American Cream makes my hair so so soft! I love it. I actually feel like my hair is in a better condition since using it! It smells like strawberry and vanilla milkshake *so YUMMEH.*

MAC /Studio Finish SPF / Concealer / £16

I’m one of these people who have still not found the perfect concealer. So every time I run out, I buy a different make. I really struggle with dark circles under my eyes and my bags are so so hellish, even when I have a good nights sleep. I thought I would give MAC a go as I have never used one of their concealers. This concealer is actually really good and I would definitely recommend it to people who like me, have the most unfortunate eye bags. It’s a slightly creamy texture but still quite solid so it doesn’t leave creases when it’s been applied which is an absolute godsend. Creases are just the worst. I would definitely buy this concealer again, although in a lighter shade than I purchased it in.


Technic / Get Gorgeous / Highlighter / £1.50

SOOOO Cheap. I have never used a highlighter before so I wanted to start simple and pick up a cheap one just in case it didn’t suit me. But, I love it. I am converted. I didn’t expect much from this because it was so so cheap but it is actually really good and lasts most of the day! I now know that I love highlighter so might splash out and buy myself one that might last a bit longer!


Nivea / Visage 2 in 1 / Cleanser&Toner / £3.59

I really needed a good cleanser to fit into my daily routine. I usually don’t really like Nivea products as the moisturisers often make my skin come out in rashes. But I thought I would give this a try. It’s actually so so refreshing. I absolutely love it! It makes my face feel super clean which I have been longing for a good while! It hasn’t irritated my face whatsoever and I’ve been using it now for three weeks so I think I have been successful! YAY.


Lets hope my October favourites is going to be a lot more exciting! Does anyone have a good highlighter they would recommend?


Much love,


August favourites

I’m starting of my first post on my new blog with a light-hearted August favourites. Some of the pieces I’ve been working on are a lot more serious and I didn’t want to start on a low note.

Also, I have never ever reviewed products before, only books and artists so please bear this in mind when reading along!

August marks the end of summer (not that we get much of a summer in Scotland), so as Autumn is coming upon us, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite purchases from the past month. In case you don’t pick up the hint through the post, I have very OILY skin. Most of the products I’ve bought this month has been to try and sort out that daily shine (more like a dew across my forehead.)


Lush / Don’t Look At Me / Fresh Face Mask / £6.95



I’ve always been unsure on how my skin would react to a Lush face mask as I usually get blotchy from using normal/everyday face masks. I have oily/combination skin, especially on my face which is an absolute nightmare! I’ve been using this for a good few weeks now and I won’t be looking back! This mask smells INCREDIBLE. It smells just like summer! The lemon and grapefruit juices in the product make it smell so fresh. And the colour? It is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of the colour of the sea when you’re abroad!

I use this product once a week, usually on a Sunday evening when I’m relaxing and getting ready for the week ahead. It has ground rice in it which helps exfoliate the skin. This is perfect for my skin as it scrubs off the dirt and oil.  The lemon juice helps to tone and brighten your complexion. The mask contains murumuru butter and organic silken tofu which really softens your skin leaving it so so smooth! (who knew face masks could have tofu in them?!) I keep this in the fridge as recommended by the Lush staff due to all the fresh ingredients it contains.

The mask is just like any other face mask, you put it on your face and leave it for 10-15 minutes then wash it off with water and a cloth! I really enjoy this face mask as it smells amazing, leaves my skin so so soft and doesn’t get itchy when it’s on (I usually find most face masks itch when they start to dry on my skin.)



Lush / Cup O’ Coffee / Exfoliating Mask / £6.75


I purchased this face mask at the same time as Don’t Look at Me to try and help control my oily skin. I wanted something that I could use everyday in the shower that would help control the shine on my face, especially my forehead. I’ve tried all the high street face scrubs and it doesn’t matter how many weeks I test them out for, none of them work for my skin! BUT.. I think I have finally found THE ONE. I didn’t have much hope as I have never found one that works but from the first time I used it, Cup O’ Coffee has made a difference to my skin! Again, this mask has ground rice in it which helps scrub my face, leaving it fresh and clean. I use this mask as a daily scrub which I apply in the shower before I condition my hair and just leave it on for a few minutes until I’m rinsing my hair. The best thing about this mask is that it smells like freshly brewed coffee. It’s honestly AMAZING.



Garnier/ Skin Naturals Moisture Matte Shine Be Gone /Fresh Cream /£3.99


Just like my numerous attempts of finding a face scrub that actually makes a difference to my face, I have not been able to find a moisturiser that doesn’t leave my skin shiney and greasy. It seems all moisturisers are for dry skin! I know that is the purpose of a face cream, to put moisture into your skin, but all skin types need cared for! Garnier Moisture Matte smells fresh and is not as thick as most other moisturisers which helps with my horrible oily skin. I’ve not been using it long enough to notice how much impact its making on my skin, but my skin does seem to be less greasy when I wake in the morning after using the cream the evening before. It also leaves my face feeling refreshed.


Blah blah blah, oily skin, I know, change the record Louise, but finding a foundation for my skin is honestly, almost impossible. I like to use liquid foundations because it gives my skin better coverage and I feel better about my face. Which is always good. However, finding a liquid foundation for oily skin is not easy at all. I honestly feel like I have tried and tested most foundations out there (feel free to recommend any that might work for my god awful skin.) I do usually wear a little powder over my foundation (MAC Pro Longwear Pressed Powder) which helps lessen the shine on my face, but I feel more comfortable wearing both, so just powder isn’t an option for me. These are two foundations I definitely recommend, even if you don’t have combination skin!



Maybelline / FIT Me / Foundation / £5.99

This foundation is my most recent purchase and from the first day I wore it, I have absolutely loved it! It was recommended to me by a friend and I honestly love it! It’s great for an everyday foundation which provides good coverage and actually lasts all day! And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t make me look like I have a massive sweaty forehead (which most foundations do.)


Rimmel / Stay Matte / Foundation / £5.99

I had been using this foundation until I came across the Maybelline FIT one. This is a more creamy foundation however, when it’s on it does feel much lighter than what it looks like when you’re applying it. When I first used it, I thought it would go on too thick as it does have a thick creamy consistency, but that wasn’t the case. I now use this foundation for a night out or if I’m going a bit heavier on my make up, as it has amazing coverage and does control that shine I get.


When it comes to lip products, I always forget. I am just awful. I will apply something in the morning but then completely forget all day. I wanted some more everyday lipsticks/glosses that would complete my look every day and add a little something to my face. I wanted to get some nudey colours so that I could wear them with anything.


MUA/ Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer / Tranquillity / £3.00

8989553360926  14233755_10157459135995512_731095265_o


MUA products always surprise me. They are so cheap but are always so good! This is more of a gloss, than a lipstick but it is a matte texture so really does last quite a while! I love this product so much because it goes with anything you’re wearing and the matte texture makes the colour more bold. This lip ‘lacquer’ is available in lots of colours, and this one, Tranquillity, really reminds me of MAC’s Velvet Teddy.


Maybelline / Lip GlossVivid Matte /  50 Nude Thrill / £6.99


This is a more liquidy gloss to apply. It goes on so smoothly and then dries instantly, creating the matte effect. The colour really appeals to me as it is not too bright, however, does make your lips stand out. I found this gloss makes my lips look bigger and more full which is an advantage to me as my top lip is incredibly thin! Also, Maybelline have done really well here as this product smells SO GOOD.


So there are my favourites of this month. It all seems to be beauty products but my make up bag was needing a little top up!


Much love,