May Favourites

Another month, another bunch of great products, telly and music! Here’s what I was loving throughout May.




Barry M / Matte Me Up / Liquid Lip Paint

I was going to try out one of the Barry M lip kits but there were none in stock when I hit Superdrug. So I went for the next best thing and bought the lip paint itself. I didn’t expect much from it but oh my, it’s one of my favourites to wear. It’s so light when applied which I really appreciate in a lip paint as I hate when they feel very heavy on your lips.


Estee Lauder / Double Wear Stay in Place /Foundation

I have been so reluctant to buy this for ages because of the price. Like, what if I spend £30 and don’t like it after a couple of uses? I bit the bullet at the end of last month and bought it. I LOVE IT SO MUCHHH. I have oily skin so the chalky, dryness when the foundation is on you works a treat. It honestly lasts all day. Double wear is full coverage which I need to cover my uneven skin. It’s easy enough to put a little less on if you don’t want as much as a build up. I’m using the shade 1N1 and it honestly matches my skin perfectly. I honestly couldn’t recommend this foundation enough, it’s definitely worth the money. The only thing that’s frustrating is that it doesn’t have a pump so I often find myself poring out too much.


Too Faced / Better Than Sex / Mascara

This mascara has been on my wish list for months now. My friend Sophie was kind enough to get it for my birthday and I absolutely love it. If there’s one thing I’m picky about, it’s mascara so I was scared that it wouldn’t live up to the hype surrounding the product. I really like the brush in this mascara and it both curls and lengthens them. I’m somebody who layers their mascara and with this one, I don’t need to as much. I still use it along with Soap and Glory’s Thick and Fast mascara to darken my lashes.



Lush / Beautiful / Shower Gel

I absolutely love this shower gel. It’s such a beautful, fresh, summery scent and leaves me feeling so refreshed in the mornings. The bottle comes with such a lovely caption and I think that’s why I love it so much: ‘You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face.’



Primark / Pink Embroidered Sandles

I seen these on my Instagram feed and knew I had to get them for my holiday. When I seen they were from Primark I doubted that Stirling Primark would sell them as there is much less of a range. However, to my surprise they had them in stock and at only £6 as well! I absolutely love these and I think they can dress up an outfit so much. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing them!

Image result for born to kill channel 4

Born To Kill / Channel 4

Four-part drama about an apparently model teenager with hidden psychological issues. A haunting exploration of the mind of Sam, a teenager who’s on the verge of acting out hidden psychopathic desires.

Somebody at work had mentioned this was on telly and I just had to watch it. I absolutely love any psychological thriller and this was no different. The plot was absolutely incredible. I would warn you though that it is quite a disturbing program and there are a lot of very gory scenes.

 Harry Styles, Harry Styles

Harry Styles / Harry Styles

I’m not gonna lie, when Sign of the Times entered the charts I wasn’t impressed at all. The first few plays didn’t do much for me at all so I wasn’t fussed at all about the album coming out. I thought I’d give it a chance though when I was doing my house work one day. I was far too quick to judge by the one single that had been released because the album is absolutely AMAZING. It is just so relaxed and chilled out. If you haven’t given it a listen, I urge you to do so. I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

What have you been loving this month?

Much love,



February Favourites


It is March! That means almost Spring time. The lighter evenings are just lovely and I’m excited for the next few months. I don’t have too many favourites this month but I thought I’d share with you the things I’ve been loving!


Makeup Revolution / Love the Revolution Palette / £8

I got this palette free with my purchases in Superdrug and my oh my, it is fantastic! I have never tried any of the Makeup Revolution palettes before but I will definitely be buying more in the future! The pigmentation in this palette is pretty good and you don’t need much to cover your lids. I was unsure on the shades at first but I have grown to adore them. I have used this palette the most this month and it is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. I used the red shade for a couple of nights out around about Valentine’s day and it was just gorgeous!


Makeup Revolution / Retro Luxe Lip Kit Matte / Glory / £6

I was absolutely ecstatic when I seen there was two of these lip kits left in Superdrug when I popped in. I was looking for a darker colour to wear on my lips that night so it was just my luck when it was the shade Glory that was left. Now, I absolutely loved this product to begin with. I had seen a lot online about how it was a great dupe for Kylie lip kits so I was desperate to try. The product dries pretty fact which is great. The product seemed to stay on my lips pretty well that night until I started drinking. That’s the only down side of this lip kit I would say, that it flakes off pretty easily when you’re drinking. I’m going to test out another shade of it as it might be because its such a dark shade. I absolutely love this product though, especially when I’m wearing it during the day as it stays on for ages.

Anastasia Beverly Hills / Dipbrow Pomade / Blonde / £15

No words. Absolutely no words can describe how INCREDIBLE this product is. People have been recommending me this product for ages now but I kept putting off buying it for some unknown reason. I was in Sephora in Paris and I kept going back to the ABH counter. The woman matched me with the shade ‘blonde’ which I thought would be far too light but it is absolutely perfect. This product is just incredible, it glides on your eyebrows so easily but then does not move all day. For someone with an incredibly oily forehead this is fab. It means that half way through the day I don’t find any eyebrow product needing to be wiped off my forehead. And that happens a lot with me. I just can’t get over how great dipbrow is. Sorry Benefit Browzings, it’s time to step over. It’s been a good haul.

Milly Johnson / The Birds and The Bees

Milly Johnson is probably my favourite author. None of her work ever disappoints me. This is definitely my favourite books of hers that I have read. I absolutely love it! What I love most about it is that everything isn’t perfect and happy from the get go. It is pretty realistic, which I feel you can relate to more. To anybody who loves a good chic-lit which will give you all the feels, then I definitely recommend giving this a read!

Romance writer and single mum Stevie Honeywell has only weeks to go to her wedding when her fiancé Matthew runs off with her glamorous new friend Jo MacLean. It feels like history repeating itself for Stevie, but this time she is determined to win back her man. She isn’t going to act as he might expect. She isn’t going to wail and dig her heels in, she is simply going to pretend to let him go whilst she pursues a mad course of dieting, exercising and self-improvement.

And it feels like history is repeating itself for Adam MacLean too, who is also determined to win his lady, Jo, back with the same basic psychological tactics. Then he is going to initiate his master plan: Getting together with Stevie to drive Jo wild with jealousy.

So, like the Scottish country jig ‘The Birds and the Bees’, the couples all change partners and learn some revealing truths about each other along the way. But what happens when Adam’s master plan actually starts to work? And just who will Stevie be dancing with when the music stops?


Apple Tree Yard / BBC One

Two of my colleagues recommended this four part British thriller to me. If you haven’t watched this, I definitely recommend it! It is absolutely fantastic and the ending is not predictable at all! 

Apple Tree Yard is a British television thriller, adapted from the novel of the same name by Louise Doughty. The four-part series was commissioned in 2016 and the first episode had its premiere on BBC One on 22 January, 2017.Emily Watson stars as the novel’s original lead, Dr Yvonne Carmichael, with Ben Chaplin portraying the role of her lover, Mark Costley. Apple Tree Yard follows the story of Carmichael, an unhappily married forty-something scientist, who begins a secret affair with Costley whilst being completely unaware of his true identity.

And that’s about it for this month. I’ve just done a massive book order so I’m excited to share with you next month what my favourites from that were!

Much love,


Self Confidence and Me

This post is strange and unstructured and just a bit of a ramble to be honest so bare with me.

Ever since I can remember I have always struggled with body image. I have always been overweight and I know that I have no one to blame but myself. I’m pretty active, especially since the beginning of this year as I am trying to proactively change my lifestyle. Food is my problem. I love it way too much and eat it way too much. My relationship with food absolutely SUCKS.

I’m about to start getting help towards changing my attitude towards food and I’m absolutely delighted because it needs to change so badly. It’s taken a lot for me to do this though,  a lot a lot. Admitting you have a problem is a massive step and by god, it’s the hardest. I know that I’m gonna have to work so hard to change my mind set but I’m always up for a challenge.

There’s no way in hell that I’m going to stop eating things I love because that’s just not who I am and I know that refusing myself certain foods will make me more likely to binge.  But I’m going to really work hard on moderating these foods and cutting a lot out. 16558725_10158236509240512_387954085_n

Anyway, I realised that I can’t sit about hating my body any longer, I’m working on it and as long as I’m being proactive then that’s all that matters. I need to start focusing on the things that I do like about it and hopefully over time, that list will get longer. Instead of sitting around hating every inch of me, I’m trying to do what I can to make me feel good about my appearance.

Experimenting with my make up looks has become a way that has made me start to appreciate some of my features. Everyone has there own opinions on make up and why you should or shouldn’t rely on it. But that’s not what this post is about.

I’ve been branching out with my make up choices and it is honestly doing wonders for my self confidence. Somehow, I’ve managed to add seven eye palettes to my collection in the past four months and there are still so many more I want. I would never have worn eye shadow much at all before, maybe on a night out if I was feeling super adventurous but it would have been nothing more than a light nude shade or little bit of sparkle. Now I find myself watching tutorials on YouTube and I won’t leave the house at the weekend without eye shadow on. I just feel like a bold eye can make you feel so much better about yourself and can really make a lot of your facial features stand out.


Never in a million years did I think I’d have the balls to wear an almost black shade on my lip. Last weekend for the first time, I did, and man, I felt good! The people I was with were surprised at how dark I’d gone but I absolutely loved it and I felt so much more confident.


The dark lip was for a night out but it’s not just on special occasions I’m being more adventurous. This time six months ago I probably wouldn’t have even worn lipstick on a day to day basis but now I refuse to leave the house without it. To begin with, I mostly wore nudes but now I’m going for all sorts. Plums, dark browns, you name it.

It’s not just make up that’s helping me embrace myself. It’s my outfits and accepting my natural self too. I’ve completely stopped using heat on my hair on an everyday basis and will only do so on nights out or special occasions. I’m on a mission to look after my body better, whether that’s what going into it, my hair or my skin. I’m trying to maintain and better the things that I myself, have control of.


I really don’t know what the point of this post was and it most likely won’t bring any benefit to anyone else but I had to write it down for myself. Sure, I didn’t need to share it but I want to look back and being able to reflect on the progress of my self confidence.

If you’re struggling with your body image at the moment, take some time to reflect on why this is. Try and learn to love different parts of yourself, even if it’s only 3 little things. The rest will grow from there.

Much love,


January Favourites

It’s February already! Mental. January was good, to find out  how my month was check out my most recent post. I’m going to continue my monthly favourites on my blog as it lets me share everything that I’ve been loving!



Zoeva // Rose Golden Palette // £18

I got this palette for Christmas and AHHHHHH it’s so beautiful. I thought I wouldn’t be too fussed with it but honestly, it’s pretty much the only palette I’ve been using recently. My favourite shade is Copper is King and I would never have seen myself wearing such a bold shade before but oh my, I absolutely adore it. I will definitely be look at buying some more Zoeva palettes.


SEVENTEEN // Stay Time Foundation // £6.49

I seen so many people talking about how this foundation is a great dupe for MAC Pro Longwear and I was rather sceptical. Oh my goodness. This is going to be my go to foundation from now on. This product is high coverage and it is absolutely excellent. It stays on ALL day and despite my oily skin, it actually stays in place. The only thing I would say is the range of shades isn’t very good, with hardly any. I usually wear the lightest shade with most brands however, I had to go for the fourth lightest! Which means that if you have very pale skin then this foundation is definitely worth a try!


Illamasqua //  Lipstick // Shard // £19.50

I managed to get these lipsticks at an extremely reduced price in the Illamasqua sale! I bought two different shade however, I have completely abandoned one to use this shade shard, the shade on the left. To be honest, I thought the shade was going to be a lot darker purple but when it goes on, it is rather bright. I still absolutely love it though! You do need to continuously apply it but apart from that, I am in love.


Line of Duty

On Sunday night I finished season two of Line of Duty. My oh my. If you love a crime drama then you definitely need to give this a watch. Season one was absolutely fantastic as was season two, although it was slightly more complicated. It was given an 8.4/10 on IMDb and I completely understand why! Absolutely excellent!

Following one multi-stranded investigation over five hours, Line of Duty sees Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott transferred to AC-12, an anti-corruption unit, after a mistaken shooting during a counter-terrorist operation. Alongside Detective Constable Kate Fleming , they are assigned to lead an investigation into the alleged corruption by a popular and successful officer, Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates. While Gates cleverly manipulates his unit’s figures, DS Arnott questions whether Gates is being made a scapegoat for a culture of institutionalized spin, or is guilty of darker corruption.


We Were on a Break // Lindsey Kelk

This book was absolutely fantastic. I absolutely love a chic lit and oh boy, this one really didn’t disappoint. I got all the feels with this book and I think Liv is one of my favourite female characters ever. I don’t want to give much away because you must read this! So I’ll leave you with the blurb:

Is it a break? Or is it a blip?

‘You’ve just had a holiday,’ I pointed out, trying not to yawn. ‘Wasn’t that enough of a break?’
‘I don’t mean that kind of break.’

There’s nothing worse than the last day of holiday. Oh wait, there is. When what should have been a proposal turns into a break, Liv and Adam find themselves on opposite sides of the life they had mapped out.

Friends and family all think they’re crazy; Liv throws herself into work – animals are so much simpler than humans – and Adam tries to get himself out of the hole he’s dug.

But as the short break becomes a chasm, can they find a way back to each other? Most importantly, do they want to?


What were you loving this month? I’d love to hear!

Much love,


December favourites 

I promised myself I was going to have more structure to my blog this year and that Monthly Favourites would be part of that! It’s the 9th of January already and I’d normally aim to have a favourites post up by the 7th but it was Christmas right? So here’s what I was loving last month!



Makeup Revolution | Highlighter | Golden Lights| £3.00

Uhhhh, this highlighter is honestly incredible. This product is highly pigmented and let me tell you, a little goes a long way! I use the tiniest amount and it looks incredible. I don’t think I’ll ever run out.

NYX | Professional Makeup Concealer Jar | Medium |£5.50

I mentioned a few months ago how I find it so difficult to cover my humongous dark circles under my eyes. So many people I know absolutely swear by Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but it just doesn’t do anything for my eye bags at all. It’s too thin and just wipes away too easily. So I thought I’d try a concealer pot from NYX. I went for a slightly darker shade than I normally would, as at a recent consultation, I was told I’ve been wearing a shade too light to cover the darkness.

This NYC concealer is so creamy and actually works for me covering the dark circles. The thickness of this concealer fills in my bags and acts like a cement. I use a concealer brush to apply it under my eyes, dabbing gently to blend. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who struggles with deep and dark eye bags on a daily basis.




NYX | Professional Makeup Intense Butter Gloss | Cranberry Pie |£5.50

My lip product collection just seems to grow ever month and this month is no exception. I got a coral shade of this NYX gloss last year and absolutely loved it, but it’s more of a summery colour. So I thought I’d get myself one that I can wear during this time of year. I went for the red colour and I absolutely love it. It’s so bright and makes your lips stand out so much. It is quite messy once it’s on your lips as it is not a matte product so it does come off a bit too easily, but apart from that I love it!



Sleek MakeUP | Matte Me | Shabby Chic | £4.99

This is my favourite lip product I have ever ever owned. I absolutely adore it. Karina got me it for Christmas and I have worn it everyday since. It is amazing! It’s so easy to apply and refuses to leave your lips! Which is absolutely perfect for me because I drink so much coffee and never have the time to reapply. I don’t know what else I can say about this except from, you need to get yourself to Superdrug and get yourself at least one. I can’t wait to go and get more shades.



Sleek MakeUP |Eye shadow Palette | All Night Long I-Divine | £8.99

I also got this for Christmas from Karina and I absolutely adore it! The pigmentation is incredible and the colours are just amazing. It’s not too dusty either so you don’t have to clean your face up after applying it as not much falls off your lids. The shade Prosecco is my favourite and is absolutely perfect for this time of year!



The Fall | British Crime Drama | 8.2/10 IMDb

The psychological thriller examines the lives of two hunters — one is a serial killer who preys on victims in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the other is a female detective drafted from the London Metropolitan Police to catch him. The local authorities have no suspects and no experience with cases involving sexually motivated serial killers; DSI Stella Gibson has. She heads a task force dedicated to solving the crime spree, with a simple motto: Anyone not part of the solution is part of the problem. The killer? He’s Paul Spector, a father and a husband leading a double life, as viewers learn from the outset. He’s hiding in plain sight, the protagonist in a cat and mouse game that is every police officer’s worst nightmare.

Ahhh this is an amazing series. I’ve not watched season three yet but watched the first two during December and I absolutely love it. It’s one of the most gripping series I’ve ever watched and man, it’s SO good. It is definitely one of my favourite series I have ever watched and if you love a crime drama then this definitely for you!



Cafe Andaluz | Glasgow

I’d heard so many people talk about Cafe Andaluz but I’d never been myself so when I was in Glasgow last month I just had to have lunch there. I wasn’t too sure on how my tummy would react to all the different flavours but it was absolutely fine. We got 6 dishes between the two of us and couldn’t finish them. I ALWAYS finish food. The flavours were so delicious and I’ll definitely be going back.  The 6 dishes we got included the following:

  • Albóndigas – iced pork and beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce
  • Patatas Gratinadas – Layers of sliced potato baked with garlic cream and Manchego cheese
  • Croquetas De Jamón Y Queso – Crisp croquettes stuffed with Serrano ham and Manchego cheese
  • Pollo Rebozado Con Miel – Chicken fillets in a light crispy batter drizzled with a honey and grain mustard dressing
  • Chorizo Y Butifarra Negra – Sautéed chorizo sausage and black pudding in a spicy tomato sauce
  • Carne De Res Picante -Spicy strips of beef on a bed of rocket with Manchego cheese and chorizo oil.


What were your favourites last month? Let me know in the comments.

Much love,


Blogmas Day 5 November Favourites

Since starting my blog, I’ve done a monthly favourites post so I thought, just because it’s Blogmas doesn’t mean I have to miss this post out. It might even give you some ideas for presents for people or a treat for yourself.



Barry M Matte // Lipstick // Shade 179 // £4.99

OK, I’m gonna put my hands up and confess that I have not bought anything from Barry M in about 8 years because it reminds me of the gold glitter eyeliner I wore in high school and I mean, I just cannot get over how horrendous that trend was. I bit the bullet in Superdrug one day and tried a couple of their products. This is hands down my most used lipstick. I bought this at the beginning of November and I’ve hardly left the house without it on. The pigmentation of this lipstick is incredible. It applies really well! When I wear matte lipstick, my lips dry out so easily and it frustrates me so much as I love a matte lip. This is one of the only matte lipsticks which I don’t have the dry lip problem with!


Palmers // Cocoa Butter // Hand Cream // £2.10

Okay, so the weather has changed so much in this past month and it is so so bitterly cold. This is when my skin needs some extra TLC. I absolutely love this hand cream, you just need the smallest of blobs and the smell is AMAZING. This hand cream is like most of Palmer’s products and is quite thick so it well and truly lasts!



Seventeen // Matte Lipstick // Shade ‘Rioja your world’  // £4.49

I absolutely LOVE this lipstick. I have never used one of Seventeen’s lipsticks before so wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, I absolutely love it! The shade ‘Rioja your world’ is so bold and it’s honestly not like me to wear such a bold lip but I cannot get enough of it! It applies so easily for a matte lipstick (sometimes I feel like matte lips need forced to glide along your lips, but not this one.) The colour is so well pigmented and although it has to be applied a couple of times a day, it is so worth it!



Barry M // Flawless Colour Corrector // Primer // £5.99

I have never been able to find a primer I love as much as the primer from Smashbox. But since I’m trying to not spend as much money, I refused to spend £26 on a primer. So, whilst browsing the Barry M shelves, their primers caught my eye. They have a primer for pretty much every type of skin which I was so impressed by. I went for the green one which reduces redness and blemishes. I honestly think I have found my new primer until I can afford to treat myself to Smashbox. It applies so well and my skin feels so smooth.



Lancome // La Vie est Belle // Body Cream // £50

Okay, this body cream is absolute beautiful. I use it in the mornings and I can still smell the perfume on me by lunch time. The cream is a beaut pink colour and is so fresh. My skin is so soft once I’ve used this cream and I love it!



Max Factor // Bronzing Powder // Golden // £6.99

I honestly swear by this bronzer. I’ve been using this stuff for over a year now and recently bought a new one and it reminded me how much I love it.  It’s so well pigmented that you need the smallest amount on your brush for an everyday look. And obviously that little bit more if you’re going on a night out or an event or something. I think the packaging makes it look more expensive than it is which is great for a high street product. It is honestly fantastic. I am so loyal to this bronzer and it would take a lot for me to change.


What were your favourite products this month?

Much love,



The Autumn Tag

I seen a couple of blog posts of The Autumn Tag and they made me so in the mood for curling up on the couch with a blanket and a cuppa so I thought I’d write one myself! I absolutely love this time of year!


What signifies the start of autumn for you?

For me it is definitely the change of temperature. The air starts to get cooler and there is more of a chill and that’s when I know I can have a rummage through stored boxes and get all my woolies out! As soon as I feel the slightest of chills in the air, I allow myself to start wearing thick scarves. And that also signifies when I can start shopping for new knitwear for the upcoming autumn and winter months!

Oh yeah, and how can I forget? When the leaves start to turn yellow and fall from the trees. Aw it just makes me feel so nice and cosy and AW I LOVE AUTUMN.



What is your favourite fall scent?

Hmmmmm. My favourite scent of all time is vanilla. I have vanilla candles burning all year round because mmm mmm mm. So yum. Although, I try to change things up a bit and buy different scented candles in Autumn, especially when I see all the pretty colours. Anything berry flavoured usually a winner too.




What is your favourite autumn colour?

Now that is a hard one. I love mustard. I love burgundy. I love dark green. Okay, I love all the colours. Although, I am really diggin’ these two cosy jumpers at the moment which make me feel super Autumnal.


What is your favourite fall drink?

Toffee Nut Latte are incredible. I love them so much. Oh, and you cannot beat a Peppermint Mocha. The little cafe at my work also does Honeycomb Hot Chocolate which is honestly the best thing I have ever tasted. I try not to let myself spend too much money on these seasonal drinks though, and obviously try to limit myself due to the horrific sugar content. On a normal day, I still stick to a good ol’ cuppa tea.




What TV show, old or new, are you looking forward to this fall?

Okay, so I’ve recently started re-watching The Gilmore Girls before the 4 part special comes out! Growing up, my sister and nieces and I all watched The Gilmore Girls which was one of our ways of bonding. It just reminds me so much of my preteen years and I love that.

Also extremely excited for Imma Celebrity Get Me out of Here to return to the screens. Nothing better than a daily dosage of Ant n Dec!


What is your favourite fall fashion trend?

Personally, my go to outfits in the colder months are black skirts or skinnies with a longer sleeved top or woolly jumper. My favourite thing about this time of year is swapping regular tights to woolly cotton ones. They are my favourites. And obviously, it’s hard to get through these months without at least one pair of little ankle boots. I am really diggin’ these two cosy jumpers at the moment which make me feel super Autumnal.



What is your favourite frugal autumn activity?

Honestly? For me, nothing beats an autumnal walk. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll remember that I absolutely love going for a stroll to clear my head. I absolutely love going for forest walks in the autumn, the leaves are so colourful and just crunch around your feet and I don’t think there’s a better feeling. Especially when it’s a clear and dry day. Going out conker picking is so much fun too! I love it.


What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather?

I pretty much keep my make up the same during the winter months which isn’t very exciting at all. Although, I have been trying out wearing darker berry lips which I would never have done before! Anddddd… I’m absolutely loving a golden brown smoky eye.



What are your favourite things to do during Autumn? If you have any suggestions on activities to do then leave me a comment!


Much love,