May Favourites

Another month, another bunch of great products, telly and music! Here’s what I was loving throughout May.




Barry M / Matte Me Up / Liquid Lip Paint

I was going to try out one of the Barry M lip kits but there were none in stock when I hit Superdrug. So I went for the next best thing and bought the lip paint itself. I didn’t expect much from it but oh my, it’s one of my favourites to wear. It’s so light when applied which I really appreciate in a lip paint as I hate when they feel very heavy on your lips.


Estee Lauder / Double Wear Stay in Place /Foundation

I have been so reluctant to buy this for ages because of the price. Like, what if I spend £30 and don’t like it after a couple of uses? I bit the bullet at the end of last month and bought it. I LOVE IT SO MUCHHH. I have oily skin so the chalky, dryness when the foundation is on you works a treat. It honestly lasts all day. Double wear is full coverage which I need to cover my uneven skin. It’s easy enough to put a little less on if you don’t want as much as a build up. I’m using the shade 1N1 and it honestly matches my skin perfectly. I honestly couldn’t recommend this foundation enough, it’s definitely worth the money. The only thing that’s frustrating is that it doesn’t have a pump so I often find myself poring out too much.


Too Faced / Better Than Sex / Mascara

This mascara has been on my wish list for months now. My friend Sophie was kind enough to get it for my birthday and I absolutely love it. If there’s one thing I’m picky about, it’s mascara so I was scared that it wouldn’t live up to the hype surrounding the product. I really like the brush in this mascara and it both curls and lengthens them. I’m somebody who layers their mascara and with this one, I don’t need to as much. I still use it along with Soap and Glory’s Thick and Fast mascara to darken my lashes.



Lush / Beautiful / Shower Gel

I absolutely love this shower gel. It’s such a beautful, fresh, summery scent and leaves me feeling so refreshed in the mornings. The bottle comes with such a lovely caption and I think that’s why I love it so much: ‘You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face.’



Primark / Pink Embroidered Sandles

I seen these on my Instagram feed and knew I had to get them for my holiday. When I seen they were from Primark I doubted that Stirling Primark would sell them as there is much less of a range. However, to my surprise they had them in stock and at only £6 as well! I absolutely love these and I think they can dress up an outfit so much. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing them!

Image result for born to kill channel 4

Born To Kill / Channel 4

Four-part drama about an apparently model teenager with hidden psychological issues. A haunting exploration of the mind of Sam, a teenager who’s on the verge of acting out hidden psychopathic desires.

Somebody at work had mentioned this was on telly and I just had to watch it. I absolutely love any psychological thriller and this was no different. The plot was absolutely incredible. I would warn you though that it is quite a disturbing program and there are a lot of very gory scenes.

 Harry Styles, Harry Styles

Harry Styles / Harry Styles

I’m not gonna lie, when Sign of the Times entered the charts I wasn’t impressed at all. The first few plays didn’t do much for me at all so I wasn’t fussed at all about the album coming out. I thought I’d give it a chance though when I was doing my house work one day. I was far too quick to judge by the one single that had been released because the album is absolutely AMAZING. It is just so relaxed and chilled out. If you haven’t given it a listen, I urge you to do so. I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

What have you been loving this month?

Much love,



4 things I learnt from interning

Summer 2015 saw me land myself a 3 month internship before going into my final year of university. Internships are such a great way to gain experience working in a field that you quite fancy seeing yourself in. I was fortunate enough to find myself a paid internship after 6 months of searching and applying. For me, my summer internship really put things into perspective and made my mind clearer about what I wanted to do with myself.

I know it’s only January but for those who are studying, it’s time to start thinking about summer and job opportunities. If there’s any way you can take a summer internship, whether paid or unpaid, I would thoroughly recommend it! I learnt a fair bit, even silly wee things that are probably common sense to everyone else. So I thought I’d share with you the 4 main things that I took away from my 12 week internship.

Firstly, you don’t need to ask if you can go to the toilet. Yup, this happened, I stupidly asked to go to the toilet on my first day. Smooth. Apparently we are adults and don’t need to ask to use the toilet. This got many a laughs.

Prioritise! Prioritising is very important and especially with tight deadlines and little time, it just needs to be done! Even taking 10 minutes out of your day to write down everything you need to do for the next couple of days and number them in the order you’re going to do them, with the most important coming first!  This can help lots, especially if something unexpected comes up.

Expect the unexpected. Sometimes things unexpectedly come up and they can be very important and need dealt with immediately.unexpected-road1

This is okay, these things happen. All the time. You need to learn to deal with unexpected situations, although it is hard because they’re unexpected right? Dealing with the situation in a calm manner is always the best way to go about things, and other things can wait and be done after.


‘There’s nowt as queer as folk’ is an expression my family have always used and it wasn’t until that summer that I truly appreciated its meaning. People are strange. We all have crazy ideas and our own ways of doing things. The most important thing I learnt through my internship was how to work with different people, people with completely different work ethics and ways of getting work done. Yeah sure, I’ve done plenty of group work in my time at university, and worked with many different people during part time jobs but working with people on a certain project is usually rather temporary. Working 5 days a week for 3 months with 4 boys who were all completely different, was definitely my biggest challenge! I like to think of myself as a very organised person, getting things done on time and having everything prepared. Working everyday with these people, taught me that it’s okay not to have every single detail planned days or even weeks in advance, but sometimes the best outcomes come from being completely spontaneous and a bit more laid back. The guys I worked with were fantastic and everyday, in their own way, they taught me new things.

Is there any valuable tips you’ve learnt from work experience?

Much love,