As I said in my previous post, recently, Michael and I took a trip to Italy which we had been planning for some time. I was so so ecstatic to have some time away from home and work and to just explore and relax. We went to Milan, Florence & Lake Garda and had the most wonderful time. Italy has stolen a big piece of my heart and I will definitely be returning! I wanted to share some of my photos and write about my favourite memories from the trip so that in the future, I can look back and remember. I took quite a few photos so I have split my trip into three posts. Read about what we got up to in Milan, here.

I honestly did not expect Florence to effect me the way it did. Yes, I was looking forward to it but I never thought I’d fall in love with it. Oh my, Florence is the most beautiful place I have ever been and is now my most favourite place on the planet. It was absolutely STUNNING.


Michael suggested we go on the open top City Sightseeing Tour so we managed to take two different trips over two days, exploring and learning about the city centre and the countryside. The bus allowed us to hop on and hop off so we managed to see so many attractions and sights that we wouldn’t have if we hadn’t taken the tour bus.


There were so many buildings and cathedrals that took my breath away and the pictures could never do them justice. The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is without a doubt, the most amazing building I have ever seen. I fell in love with it and we were fortunate enough to spend two evenings dining and having drinks outdoors next to it, with a live band playing as entertainment. There was so so much detail to the building and it was MASSIVE.


The food was UH, just amazing. On the first evening, we found a little restaurant and had the most beautiful pasta with ragu. I absolutely loved being able to eat and drink outdoors at our own pace and spend the evening talking and relaxing. Our second evening in Florence consisted of us eating out at a restaurant belonging to Michael’s family. The decor was beautiful and the food was delicious. We had done so much walking about and exploring during the days so it was so perfect being able to chill out in the evenings as well as still seeing the city.

If you can’t tell, Florence was my favourite part of the trip without a doubt. I would honestly go back in a heartbeat. Our accommodation was only a ten minute walk from the centre and was extremely reasonably priced! Food and drink was not expensive at all, it was about the same as you would pay when out dining in the UK. I definitely would recommend a visit to Florence as it is absolutely beautiful, breathtaking and affordable!


Have you been to Florence?

Much love,




Recently, Michael and I took a trip to Italy which we had been planning for some time. I was so so ecstatic to have some time away from home and work and to just explore and relax. We went to Milan, Florence & Lake Garda and had the most wonderful time. Italy has stolen a big piece of my heart and I will definitely be returning! I wanted to share some of my photos and write about my favourite memories from the trip so that in the future, I can look back and remember. I took quite a few photos so I will split the post into three. And I’ll start with our first stop, which was Milan.

Milan was our first stop. We dropped off our cases and headed into the centre of the city. As soon as we got out of the train station, we were met with the most gorgeous view of the Duomo di Milano. Honestly, this cathedral took my breath away. It was absolutely gorgeous and reminded me of a fairy tale castle. The pictures do not do it justice.


We walked on for ages and just wandered and looked at the sights. We stopped for an ice cream and sat in a massive park and it was so perfect. We came by a massive castle, Sforza Castle. We took a good look around and the architecture was amazing.

Milan was so busy and everyone honestly looked so incredible. I could never imagine how busy it would be during fashion week. It made me feel like I had tourist written all over me. We spent some time shopping and having a good look around the city. All the buildings in the city were absolutely stunning.

I was SO looking forward to eating pizza and pasta for a whole week and the Italians did not disappoint. The food was honestly so glorious. We only stayed in Milan for one day and night so we didn’t get to try many restaurants. I played it safe as it was our first night and got pizza. OH MY. It was heavenly. We also enjoyed the wine!

I had a great time in Milan and it was quite special to me as my Mum spent some time working in Milan when she was younger.

Have you been to Milan? What were your favourite parts?

Much love,



So, I said I was going to split my Paris snaps into two posts so I’m going to share with you the rest of my pictures which are mostly of buildings, streets and FOOD. It’s not right how many pictures I take of food but I just can’t help it. I really wanted to soak in the culture so each morning, I would get up at 8am, shower and pop down the road to a cafe where I’d drink coffee, read and watch people bustle around their busy lives. It was amazing.


The food was incredible. Like, 10 out of 10. The French delicacies were divine and the coffee was delicious. The wine was definitely worth the headache.


The weather was dry the whole time we were there so it meant we could do lots of outside exploring too.  The Louvre was also incredible.


I loved just exploring the little streets. The little cafes and restaurants we ate in were just so perfect. And of course, we had to take a shopping trip on Avenue des Champs Elysees where I was well and truly spoilt!


I really have the travel bug now so planning where I want to go next. Any suggestions?

Much love,



Despite studying French until my second year at university, I have never been to France. If any of you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll have seen my recent Paris spam. Because, yes, I finally got to go to Paris. And it was THE most magnificent city break ever. The sightseeing was incredible, the food was delicious and the culture was unforgettable. I loved every single minute of it and I will definitely be returning in the future!

I’m going to separate my pictures into two different posts as I was very snap happy!


Notre-Dame was absolutely incredible. The cathedral itself was absolutely amazing but the stain glass windows inside were just breathtaking. I have never in my life seen such a beautiful building.


The Eiffel Tower

It’s so surreal seeing something in person when all through life you have only seen photos. The Eiffel Tower was incredible and so pretty, especially in the evening with flashing lights. I really enjoyed the view form the top, it was just spectacular.

Arc de Triomphe

I think this monument is absolutely outstanding. Even walking down Avenue de Wagram, you can see the arc standing tall and bold. The carvings on the building are so detailed and absolutely gorgeous.



What’s your favourite thing about Paris?

Much love,


Weekend in the Wilderness

I cannot believe I am just back from my first weekend away with a boy. I feel as if I’m about 16. Kind of makes me think that all these ex boyfriends are exes for a reason considering I had never been on a night away with any of them.

Anyways, Michael and I decided that we wanted to go away for a weekend together as even when we are both off at the weekend, we never feel we can properly relax. One of us always has something on that means our time together is always limited.

We didn’t want to spend too much money and were not particularly fussed on where we wanted to go (as long as the drive for him wasn’t too long, hah!). We scrolled through Air Bnb for what seemed like hours, and finally found a little chalet in Glenlivet, a glen in the Scottish Highlands. The chalet was listed as a ‘couples retreat’ so we decided that’s exactly what we needed.

Well, it was just absolutely perfect. If anybody is looking to go for a trip in the Highlands, I recommend Glenlivet as it is absolutely incredible!


There is absolutely NO mobile signal which is what we really needed to relax this weekend! It was amazing that for a change, we weren’t being interrupted by Michael’s phone ringing for work. Life of a doctor, huh.

We arrived on Friday evening and went to the closest village, Tomintoul, for a meal. We went to a restaurant called The Clockhouse. It was absolutely perfect and the food was incredible.


On Saturday we went for a hill walk which was absolutely lovely. It had been so windy and rainy the night before that we thought we may not have been able to go outside. But, it dried up for us heading out which was even better! We chose the 10Km walk called The Bochel Circuit. We were told that it would take approximately 4 hours to complete by using the sign posts as there were no maps available for walking this area. 5 and a half hours later we finished the walk. We got lost not once, but twice. In a cow field. It was FABULOUS. Hah. I was absolutely petrified that we were going to be chased by cows.
14488887_10157559471965512_1738974844_o 14466364_10157559471915512_1440435853_o

Despite getting lost, the walk was great and it felt so good to be outside for the whole day. I was in my element!

We spent that evening in the little chalet we had rented as we were far too tired to do anything that involved moving. I made us a curry and we managed to get through two bottles of wine whilst chatting and watching The X Factor.

It was the most perfect day ever.

On Sunday, we checked out at 11am and made our way to Glenlivet Distillery. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to a guided tour and learning how whiskey is made but I was pleasantly surprised. I had so much fun and it was so interesting. Although, I did not enjoy the wee dram we were given at the end. Whiskey is yuck.

14522522_10157559471855512_1428165309_o 14489627_10157559471870512_1143909339_o

We decided to get on the road home after this as we were both still exhausted from Saturday’s adventure. We stopped at a few castles on the way home and decided that together, we want to try and visit as many castles as we can (I just love them, I don’t know why.)

14466981_10157559471875512_1711212688_o  14489803_10157559471840512_2050279282_o

I had an absolutely perfect weekend away with my love and I can’t wait for the next one!

Does anyone have any suggestions on where we can go next?


Much love,


30 things to do before 30

There are so many things we all say we would love to do. Some of them may not be possible due to other life commitments and finances, but many of them we are actually able to do but just never seem to get round to doing them!

I always go on about wanting to try new things and achieve certain things in my life so I thought I would make a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30! I made sure that they were realistic (although some would involve a lot of saving up!) But, if you really want to do something, you CAN make it happen.

There are other things I would like to happen before I turn 30, like get married and have a baby. But these are two things you can’t really control (I don’t really fancy marrying an online sugar daddy.) I mean, if you can conceive you could probably find somebody to have a baby with, but I’m quite old fashioned and want to have a child with someone I love – not that’s there’s anything wrong with being a single parent etc (actually big up to them, they do the job of two people.)

It’s taken me a while to put together this list, and have always kept lists in diaries of stuff I want to achieve. So I think there might actually be a couple of things I have now done! But, I better get a move on, 7 and a half years isn’t that long to get all this done!

  1. Fall in love
  2. Go to California
  3. Go to Thailand
  4. Write fiction
  5. Get my own flat
  6. Get fit
  7. Learn a language  (I started University studying a French and Spanish degree but swapped so it’s disappointing this hasn’t happened yet!)
  8. Go to Italy
  9. Learn to drive
  10. Get a car
  11. Visit 30 countries
  12. Run a 5K
  13. Go to a Broadway show
  14. Go to France (How have I not been to France after studying the language for 7 years!)
  15. Start a career
  16. Give blood
  17. Get a degree
  18. New York for New Years Eve
  19. Change someone’s life
  20. Meet someone famous
  21. Go skiing
  22. Go snowboarding
  23. Ride an elephant
  24. Go on a safari
  25. Get a puppy
  26. Be veggie for a month
  27. Host a dinner party (sounds easy but I’d like people to brag about how good the food was, hah!)
  28. Go wine tasting in a vineyard
  29. Learn to love myself!
  30. Beat depression!


Does anyone else have a lost of things they want to achieve? Comment and let me know!

Much love,